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Wake Turbulence

Every takeoff at LAX over an 8 hour period was photographed and then selectively composited together.

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Tam Nguyen's picture

I swear I've seen this picture somewhere else before!

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This was a great idea Mike! Really nice way to make a shot!!

Mike Kelley's picture

Thanks, Eric!! Appreciate it :)

Bo Bickley's picture

From vision to execution to viral. What a ride Mike. I think I need a personal project or two.

David Stewart's picture

That. Is. Awesome.

Andrew Yianne's picture

Great composite

Frederic Charpentier's picture

Genius !

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I remember reading the story behind your image, and the lesson i got from it is: a good idea + patience + patience + patience + excellent execution and editing, produce art like this. This is not a luck, this is hard work and creativity. Sadly i don't remember where i read your story, if anyone has the link to share to others. Its inspiring!!

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Wow this is so impressively epic! Love it.

Dudley Didereaux's picture

This one, went viral on the net a while back .

neat PS work.

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This is such an awesome idea for a photo - and very well executed!!!

Cherokee Lair's picture

Brilliant idea~excellent execution. So many mistakenly believe that Ansel Adams sat on a mountainside waiting for the "perfect" shot when in reality he spent countless hours 'post-processing' his work. #Kudos

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I remember seeing this image years ago and was awestruck. I could happily spend hours by an airport just watching planes take off and land, and this image simply captured the collective delight I experience as each one goes by.

Now four years later I've just discovered Fstoppers by way of your dome house contest with Lee, and to learn you were the one behind this is incredible.

I hope to learn a lot more about photography from you and the other guys.