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Newport Bathroom

Private Residence, Orange County, CA

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Anonymous's picture

Those mirrors look like a pain in the ass to shoot :)

Mike Kelley's picture

lol you have no idea...the worst.

Mike Kelley's picture

Had to get very creative with light placements

Willian Silveira's picture

Really nice, but why lights off? There's something in this picture that makes me feel unconfortable :O

Mike Kelley's picture

What makes you uncomfortable?

Willian Silveira's picture

I really don't know exactly. Maybe it's the corners that aren't lit (or the lights off). It's a very nice place but looks like nobody lives there for years :)

Radu Gospodinov's picture

For me looks la a magazine photo. Top class as always!

Dror Baldinger's picture

The "problem" with this photograph glare on the tile/stone wall.