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Chris Knight
New York, NY
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amazing jobs

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Hey Chris, I was re-reading your 2 Fstoppers stories about the MIDI being used for Lightroom. I was wondering if you still use this combination and if not, why?

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Hi Chris, I've just read your feature on digital medium format, I have the Pentax 645Z. It is an incredible camera, I chose it after holding it for 5mins without any marketing as their is none in the UK. It was the best move I've made with cameras. My new clients love what I'm giving them. The forgotten format 4:3 is actually perfect for a number of subjects. Great feature, I look forward to a leaf shutter lens.

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Awesome stuff Chris!

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Thanks Clay! Great stuff yourself!

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Very inspirational body of work Chris. You are hands down one of my fave photographers. Cheers!

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Thanks Peter! Back at you. The check is in the mail!

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My vote goes to you for the sexiest portfolio!

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yep. sounds about right.

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This old thing? It's just something I threw on...

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Beautiful portfolio!

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thanks Miguel!

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That cover photo though... :)