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Staten Island Man

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David Geffin's picture

One word - painterly. Sick portrait man, love this!

Don Crossland's picture

Great shot. Love the mood.

abdiel avila's picture

Crazy shot bro!

Stevie Chris's picture

really great shot, cheers!

Josiah Mendoza's picture

Great shot

braydon russell's picture

1,000 words this picture is worth. - Yoda

Bo Bickley's picture

Timeless. Awesome job Chris. Makes me wonder what kind of stories he can tell you.

Andrew Yianne's picture

Lots of emotion in this one.

John Sheehan's picture

Wow. This is very powerful.

John White's picture

Very nice lighting. Killer image.

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Randy Budd's picture

Impressive. Superb light and tones.

Tracey Williams's picture

Excellent portrait!

Christopher Lynn's picture

This is God like, in more than one way.

Daniel Hernandez's picture

Love the light and editing!

James Hunter's picture

This images pulls me in and transports me to a time of travel aboard. Excellent!

Zach Sutton's picture

Great looking photo, Chris.

Anonymous's picture

Love the color. Also the hands clapsed together and the subject looking away from the camera fit the mood the shot.

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This is beautiful.

Alex Rivera's picture

Why do I feel like it's up to him to save the world? .... Great Shot

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Wow, just wow!!!


Goran Avramovic's picture

Like oil on canvas.
Kao ulje na platnu.