City Break

“I recently made a trip to Singapore to refresh my creative ideas on both photography and graphic design. There is something about night cityscape photography that mesmerizes me thats why i took the chance to take loads of it on the trip. This shot in particular was taken along Marina Bay on the side of the hotel. The splitting view of the greens contrasting against the blues and violets of the line of buildings caught my eye. This split for me made this an interesting photo as it gave the rather stiff city skyline some sort of a breather.”- Cris Magsino

Nikon D800
Nikor 24-70 2.8 @ 29mm
Exposure set at 30 seconds
Aperture at F8 ISO 100


  • Cris Magsino

    Thank you fstoppers for this honor :) more power!

  • Ronaldo Papa

    Awesome job Cris! :)

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