“This photo was actually the last shot taken during a shoot for something completely different. This guy was just helping us out at the shoot but I always take at least a few shots for myself at a shoot. Just something to play around with for myself with no rules. This is that kinda thing. I think this is literally the 2nd to last shot I took for a huge band shoot that will involve compositing and everything else. This is the sort of image that I would use in a portfolio and more the direction I would love to start going.

It’s actually the exact lighting set up that we ended up with for the last band “look” and it looks nothing like the shots for the group. They were mostly full length body shots. I just called a few people over, zoomed in at a more open f stop and really just shot a few and hoped for the best.

The editing is a little crazy on this. Minor skin retouching. Sharpening. Composited the background in. Then took cell phone pics of my screen to add in those other crazy inverted layers. Just thought it would be different and an element not often used. The crappier the quality the better. The light trail is a slow shutter of a candle that I put in there. A funky element in some of my photos that just kind of frames things in a weird way. I also jotted some notes on this photo and ended up including that. Just adds another graphic element.”- Justin Blair

Shot with a canon 5D Mark II. 24-70L lens. Large octabank camera left and just out of frame. Feathered quite a bit. I have a light on each side and behind for rim with a full CTO on each. Im really loving the super warm images lately.
EXIF: f5.6 1/160 iso 100 shot zoomed in at 70mm.


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