“I had the privilege of shooting backstage at the Make up Store show during the Christmas gala at Tele 2 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden. I have never been around that much talent in a small space before! It was crazy!! So many talented make-up artists, hair stylists and models! This is one of the finished shots that i took, there is definitely more to come! =)
Since it was only backstage before a show i needed to have a quick, easy, and portable setup that didn’t take up too much space. I choose my Elinchrom Quadra and put an A-head in a 120cm umbrella Octa with grid, overhead on a boom, and a round 110cm reflector directly underneath, shot against a white wall. Then the madness begun! I got maybe maximum 5 minutes (mostly around 2-3) per model, and it was so much fun!!!

All the snowy/icy stuff surrounding her is done in post with brushes created from royalty free images. brushes can be found here:
- Linus Pettersson

Photography / Retouch – Linus Pettersson, www.fb.com/photobylinus
Makeup – Linda Hallberg, www.lindahallberg.se
Model – Marielle Ivarsson / Nouveau Model Agency AB
Hair – Therese Loosaar

Camera: Canon 5DmkII
Lens: 85mm f1.8

BTS 710x710 Ice Queen

  • http://www.elliottmontello.co.uk/ Elliott.G.Montello

    I wouldnt mind seeing a before and after on this image :) I did check the photographers website but nothing.

  • Linus Pettersson

    I will give you one! =) just have to get home =)

  • jr456

    Lovely work!! I too would also like to see a before and after. It’s the initial shot was pulled together so quickly!! Nice shooting as well!!

  • Linus Pettersson

    Here’s the unretouched image =)

  • Linus Pettersson


  • Linus Pettersson

    Thank you!!! You can see the unretouched image above=)

  • jr456

    Very nice transformation!!!

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