“I shot this picture in the summer when I was at the fair with my girlfriend and her friend. We wanted to test out some things and I love bokeh lights, so I was waiting till I found the right kind of carrousel. At a certain time I had this one in my sight and saw some amazing natural light at one point. It wasn’t that bright, but at the same time not too dark outside, so the natural light was perfect for this shot.
I asked the friend if it was possible for her to just stand there and make a test-shot. We made a few and this is one of them. There are no flashes, no reflectors.”
- Yannick Desmet Photography

Camera : Canon 5D Mark III
Lens : Sigma 50 1.4
Apperture : F1.4
SS : 1/400s
ISO : 400


  • Brendan Delany

    Great photo technically, but her expression is not very flattering…

  • Neo Racer

    Gorgeous and F1.4…damn..

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