Keep Swimming

Eva Creel a creative portrait photographer based out of Georgia submitted this self portrait for June’s Picture of the Day.

“Have you ever been stood up? I get stood up a lot. It’s embarrassing. Yesterday I had a grand underwater session planned. I’d been preparing for it all weekend but I was let down and left high and dry. So I took my least favorite kind of portrait, a self portrait. In my driveway with a plastic storage container and the hot sun eating away at the shade.”- Eva Creel

Natural light, Canon 60D, 18-55 kit lens, ISO 100, F 4.5, 1/320 shutter


  • Nick Sakowski

    take out the black string or whatever on the right side of the image.

  • Paulo Mota


  • Nick Sakowski

    distracting…no purpose it seems.

  • Paulo Mota

    hum…, yes, maybe!

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