Mountain Top

“This is another photo in my personal project called The Ballet Project. This one was shot on a mountain top in NY called Sam’s Point. This was part 5 of a 10 part in the series. These photos comprise ballet poses at beautiful unexpected locations around the Hudson Valley and Catskills region of New York State.

My goal was to create a fantasy world but retain the identity of the location. I wanted it to be obvious that these were shot locally. I really wanted to show the beauty of ballet along with the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley. I hope the viewer walks away with a sense of wonder. I hope they recognize the scene but see it in an entirely new way. The way I use lighting I am able to make the scene more saturated and intense, almost surreal, but still retain a sense of reality on the ballerinas. I guess you could say I strive to show the ballerinas in an idealized version of a local setting.”- Erik Christian Photography

Camera Nikon D700
Exposure (1/160)
Aperture f/22.0
Focal Length 24 mm
ISO Speed 200
Lens Info 12-24mm f/4


Made by Novum