Pacific Rim

Californian photographer Neil Kremer submitted this breathtaking view of Los Angeles.

“This is a blending of three exposures. Each exposure is separated by a full stop of light. Shot with a Nikon D300S f/8 ISO 100 on Aperture Priority on a tripod.

It’s a long and difficult climb down to these tide-pools and I had done it for 17 days in a row without getting any color at sunset. I finally found the color I was looking for.
I’m a commercial photographer and I usually shoot what I’m told to. Shoots can take weeks to prepare for so getting out and doing this is a real treat.”
-Neil Kremer


  • Keith Michael


  • http://www.labellapixel.com/ Patryk Molczan

    Hi Rebecca. How do I submit a photograph to be considered?

  • http://fstoppers.com/author/rebecca Rebecca Britt

    Here’s what I posted in the facebook group.

    “If you would like to be considered on being featured on the front page of the website please send in a photograph (Must be horizontal and at least 710px X 410px), any links that you want added (portfolio, social media goodness ect…) the EXIF data for the image (please write it out), a title for the image and a long paragraph about the photo (lighting setups, gear used, post processing, the story behind it). The longer the explanation behind your photograph the more likely I’ll post it. Make sure you have everything written out before emailing the photo. Please only send your absolute best shot!

    You can email me at rebecca@fstoppers.com

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