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“This was a Russian couple that came to Montenegro to get married. It was raining almost all day, but we didn’t lose our spirit and it paid at the end. We got some amazing dramatic skies after the rain stopped. So we went to the beach which was empty because it was raining (usually it is very crowded at this time of the year), brought some of the props that they used on the wedding and started to shoot.

I have underexposed the background to get dramatic look and added two flashes: one bare behind them with CTO gel to add to the sunset and another in front with 60x60cm softbox with grid as main light. Since I love soft light the assistant was very close to them so I took two shots: one with him and the other without him in the frame so I can easily mask him out of the picture.”- Aleksandar Jaredic

Nikon D800, 24-70/2.8 lens at 40mm, 1/250, f9, ISO 100.


  • http://www.labellapixel.com/ Patryk Molczan

    This is a work of art!

  • EnticingHavoc

    Except for the Coke bottles (what the hell … ???) its a nice image conveying sensible emotions.
    Considering that time is a critical factor under the given circumstances I applaud to the photog for quickly perceiving the situation and turning it into a great image.

  • EderNovacki

    Very cool image!!

  • Eport

    One shot without him so Aleksandar could mask in Ryan Gosling if the marriage doesn’t last.

  • Aleksandar Jaredic

    Actually, Coca Cola was the theme of the whole wedding :)

  • catherine Beattie

    Beautiful!!! Perfect example of making the most of off camera lighting!

  • OnTay Johnson

    I dig the coke bottles! But I also got it…

  • Stephen Sherrill

    This is a good study in lighting. The subjects are nicely lit from the front and behind. However the set – namely the table with the candles and the cake – looks contrived and seems so unlikely to be something you might actually see on the beach that it’s just unconvincing. Furthermore, the lighting on the subjects vs the natural lighting in the scene is seriously mismatched. This couple and this light would look better and more believable in a different setting.

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