Shutting Down Bridges

“My first project of 2014 was amazing. I was able to be a part of a TV show that was sponsored by Lexus. The filming took place a little over a week ago on the famous 6th Street Bridge in Downtown Los Angeles. It was already amazing to be on a bridge that was shut down with the view of the downtown city skyline, but right before filming was going to begin a white McLaren MP4-12C showed up. While I couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful exotic car, as it was parked right in the center of the lanes, I knew I had to grab my gear quickly and get a shot. I set up my Alien Bee lights so fast it was like watching a NASCAR pit crew change a set of tires haha.

I literally only took a handful of photos as the filming was about to begin and the car needed to be moved. As photographers we are always tested to work under small time frames and act on the moment. I believe these situations produce some of our best and memorable photos. Hope you guys like the shot!“- Nico Jarrett

Camera – Canon 5D MK ii
Focal Length – 35mm
Shutter Speed – 1/320 secs
Aperture – 7.1
ISO – 200

Also used:
Lighting – Two Alien Bee B800′s (One to fill-in the front of the car and one on the Driver’s side to light the hood and top)


Made by Novum