“My name is Jan Schoelzel and I am a 19 year old photographer from Hanover, Germany. I started taking photos in August 2012 and it turned out to be my greatest passion. After my work experience in Hanover I tried to focus more on the meaning of my pictures and how it is effecting the viewer. This photo was a really spontaneous idea. I wanted to do photos with a friend for a while and after I thought a little bit about the composition and got a nice idea my whole day was just drawn by this one picture. I tried to get the stuff I would need. Like the lamp and the location. The lamp was from a local mattress shop and the location is a forest close to my home.

We did go there in the evening, because I did want to have this moody look. The model is illuminated by a 28 inch softbox from Westcott with a speedlite and we did put an orange gel in front of it to increase the light that is coming from the Lamp.”- Jan Schoelzel

Camera: Canon Eos 40D
Lens: 17-55mm 1:2,8
Focal Length: 28mm
Shutter Speed: 1/13sec
Aperture: f/4,0
Iso: 400


  • Nicholas Gonzalez

    That is a cool image.

  • http://ferling.net/ Pete Ferling

    Nice work, Jan. Good technique in gelling your lights and consider the use of dusk, (Often I’ll use daylight to allow me more leeway for edits in faking night scenes).

    I had a couple of 40D bodies, and they suited the EFs 17-55 well.

  • Kyle Whitney

    Super cool image! Very moody and mysterious – I like it.

  • Ricky Hernandez

    great image! i just feel that she’s too center and the tree thats coming out of her head bothers me, move her two steps to the right and you have a great composition! killer concept and very well done.


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