The iPhone 5 Should Be Your Next DSLR

Most of us use our phones mainly for things that are not phone calls. Probably the most popular use of phones these days is snapping pictures, this is why the next iPhone got a totally different look that will change the way we take photos with our phones - a look that most of us know very well. And not only that: the resolution and glass are going to be way better. This great parody was written and produced by Adam Sacks.

via Gizmodo

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I linked to the 'glass' hyperlink ... that's one big lens for a cellphone.

Spot on.

I was ready to go guns blazing then, I wondered what had happened to FStoppers!

For a quick second I was really stoked to see the new iPhone 5 (since I apparently didn't read the last sentence that said "parody"), then I was bummed, then laughed... then laughed even harder about the food pictures. Its so true!

So True!

Hahaha I laughed.