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Noam Galai
New York, NY
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I’m what people call celebrity/entertainment photographer and I mainly shoot for Getty Images Entertainment. I specialize in anything from live music to studio portraits and behind the scenes of entertainment-related events. In the past few years I had the pleasure to work with, and photograph many people who inspire me like Billy Joel, President Barack Obama, Alicia Keys, Jimmy Fallon, Jay-Z and many others.


What else? My face has launched the bringing down of multiple governments around the world in the past few years. My self portrait has been the inspiration behind everything from revolutions, artists of all mediums, and even thieving clothing companies. As a result, my Stolen Scream became a copyright case study for the photographers or law students around the world.


My photograph of the 9/11 10th anniversary Tribute in Light won both LIFE and Vanity Fair Photos Of The Year 2011 and the photos of the 12th anniversary were chosen for photos of the year 2013 by Huffpost, Mashable and Getty Images. In the past few years my work appeared on publications such as CNN, Time Magazine, National Geographic, Rolling Stone Magazine, Forbes, BBC, MTV and Billboard.

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