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"Screaming For Help" (AKA "The Stolen Scream")

You know... just one of the most used images of our time

28mm · f/7.1 · 1/200s · ISO 640
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I've seen this somewhere

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Nah.. probably not

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Had no clue you were the Stolen Scream. I saw the post from yesterday(?), but I've seen the video before so I didn't watch it. I couldn't imagine just randomly seeing your shot used everywhere.

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Just FYI - it's not the same video from the past... you should watch it ;)
But yeah, it's weird to see it all over earth like that.. awesome, but weird

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This is a strange voting situation because I wouldn't normally say it's a "world class" image but in all actuality it is the most "world class" image we will probably ever have on our site.

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Vote based on quality, ill take care of the rest in the real world