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Adaptalux: Portable Mini Studio System for the Macro Shooters

If you're into macro photography, Adaptalux could be your new best friend. The new Kickstarter project is aimed to solve a lot of the lighting issues macro photographers face and offer new ways to light objects in creative ways. The Adaptalux is a small device with five ports and five adjustable LED lighting arms with different color outputs. The device can be mounted on the camera itself for on-the-go outdoors shooting, or can be placed off-camera in more controlled environments.

The Darkroom Techniques Behind the Tools We All Know and Love in Photoshop

This week Adobe celebrated 25 years to the birth of Photoshop, the most successful photo editing software in history. No other editing software was ever able to compete with Adobe in that market — other than Paintshop in the early 90s maybe — and Photoshop became a must-have tool for all photographers and creatives out there. Many of Photoshop's users never really experienced the art of developing film, but many of the tools we use and love came directly from the darkroom. Check out the video to see what dodging and burning looked like before Photoshop.

The Life of Filmmaker Casey Neistat: When Opportunity Meets Preparation

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular filmmakers and YouTube creators of the past decade. By the age of 33, Neistat created some of the most viral videos ever posted on YouTube, sold a show to HBO for about 2 million dollars, and produced numerous commercials for major companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Nike, and Google. In his latest video, Neistat shares his very interesting personal story — from growing up as a trouble-making kid to being a dad at age 17 and the things that made him become a filmmaker.

How One Photo by Humans of New York Changed Thousands of Students' Lives

Brandon Stanton and his blog Humans of New York need no introduction. In recent years, we featured many stories about the success of Stanton's unique project, and HONY is now a household name. About two weeks ago, Stanton went out to photograph new random people in the projects of Brownsville, Brooklyn. One of the people he shot was 13-year-old Vidal Chastanet. His photo and quote went viral, and made a real change to his school and the community.

How to Apply Cinematic Color Grading to Your Still Images

Color grading is a term most of us associate with video editing, where the colors get shifted to create what's known as the "Cinematic" look. In recent years, photographers adapted the term and the appealing look, and made it a very popular process in the community. There are many different ways to apply cinematic color grading and achieve a cinematic look on images. Some can take just few seconds, and some can take hours.

1 Second Everyday: This Is How 2014 Looked Like For Fellow Creatives Around The World

Last year we told you about 1 Second Everyday, the app that lets you record and organize your memories in the form of short videos. This is basically a 365-video project where each day of the year can hold just one second of video. People choose to use it in many different ways: some people record behind the scenes at work, some choose to document their family and personal life and some go in more artistic and creative routes. Check out how 2014 looked like for some awesome people around the world.

Shantanu Starick's Incredible Story of How He Managed to Spend No Money for Two Years

What is the value of a photograph? What is the right price for an hour of your work? Those are questions we tackle on a daily basis. Each of us has a different pricing structure depending on the type of job, overhead costs, difficulty, length and reputation. Two years ago, photographer Shantanu Starick decided to abandon the idea of money as a form of compensation and went with the unique concept of shooting for trade, and made/spent no money since. Instead of asking for X-amount of money for each job, all he asks for is a place to sleep, something to eat, and transportation.

Famous Album Covers Came to Life in This Creative Music Video - Find Out How it Was Done

"Mayokero" may be the best music video that came out in 2014, yet you probably never heard of it before. In the video, famous vinyl album covers come to life and they all lip-sync to Roy Kafri's singing. Michael Jackson, Abba, Madonna, The Beatles, Elton John and Bob Dylan are only few of the "collaborators" in the video. Check out the BTS video below and also the amazing final result.

Help a Fellow Photographer Get Back on His Feet

Bryan Bedder is a freelance celebrity photographer based in NYC. This week Bryan was hired to shoot few key events during Art Basel in Miami, which ended yesterday. Three days ago, while on a break from assignments, Bryan had a horrible accident: while at the beach, he dove into a sand bar which caused his C5 vertebrae to fracture and slip, which pinched his spinal cord. Bryan is now in ICU, totally immobile, far from home and really needs your help.

How the Smithsonian Created This Insanely Accurate 3D Model of President Obama

The Smithsonian recently joined forces with the White House to make an exact 3D model of President Barack Obama, the most accurate visual-and-physical replica of any head of state to date. In the past, when presidents wanted to have a fairly accurate 3D model/sculpture of themselves, they had to hire artists to make the closest-possible-looking sculpture, or go one step further and have their faces plastered. The guys at the Smithsonian decided to ditch these old methods and use modern technology instead in order to create this 3D portrait, and the process may be much easier than you might think.

Kids Try to Use Film Cameras For The First Time and Unsurprisingly Have No Idea How They Work

Remember those days when you totally forgot what ISO/ASA film was inside your camera, or when you just had no idea if the photos came out until you went somewhere to get them developed? You know what I'm talking about. The film days. Simple to set up - just pop in the right roll of film, attach it to the gear, close it down and it's ready to shoot. But what happens when you let iPhone-generation kids take photos with 20th century cameras?

What We Can All Learn From Taylor Swift's Breakup From Spotify

Yesterday the internet went crazy when it was announced Taylor Swift pulled all of her music from the popular music streaming service Spotify. A lot of speculations and rumors started running around the web on the reasons why it happened. Some said she just wanted to create a buzz, some said she wanted to just increase album sales and some said she just wanted to make a statement. And how this story is even related to the photography world, you ask yourself?

Bert McLendon Talks with Fstoppers About His Hilarious and Creative Caricature Portraits

After 17 years in the video game industry, Bert McLendon decided to change things up and become a full time portrait photographer. For the past few years he shot many interesting people and families in the studio and had great local success in Austin Texas. Earlier this year Bert decided to try a fun experiment in his spare time, and the result went viral. Check out his great and unique Caricature portraits and learn how he's creating them.

Tyler Shields Blows Up His Rolls Royce Silver Shadow... For Art

Photographer Tyler Shields is known to be one of the craziest photographers in the world. Just few months ago we posted about how he fed a $100k purse to an alligator, all in the name of art. That seemed to be a bold move that can take years to recover from (financially). This week Tyler proved once again that money doesn't mean much to him and that he'll do anything for art, even if that means blowing up his own Rolls Royce Silver Shadow car he got just few months earlier. Check out the BTS video explaining the idea behind it, and of course the final slow-mo video.

How to Get Creative Images by Using On-Camera Filters

Since digital cameras came into our lives like a storm a decade ago we photographers became more dependent on post processing programs and many times prefer to achieve the needed result by retouching instead of using on-camera products and in-camera settings. "I'll just fix it in post" is something we all say to ourselves during photoshoots, but it's not always the right or smart thing to do. This video gives a short overview of some of the less known lens filters many photographers don't even know exist and shows how it can elevate images in no time.

Extreme Cold Photography to The Max: Interview With Shmulik Goldberg

You've finally made it - You booked your flight, double checked your gear and... You're in the Arctic. It's your first night, and the northern lights begin to form up in the sky. The adrenaline starts to flow as you're gearing up and rushing outside to find the perfect location for your perfect shot. It's only when you're settled in your spot that you begin to realize - It's not exactly a walk in the park to operate the camera with your warm and cozy gloves, and just as you get the hang of it - Your camera warns about low battery level. As you probably have guessed by now - photographing in the Arctic weather during the winter can be somewhat challenging and different, especially if you're coming from temperate climates.

How to Quickly Remove Your Ex in Photoshop

So many times people post cropped photos on social media in order to get rid of their ex or someone they don't care about anymore. While cropping gets rid of the unwanted face, it still leaves other body parts in the frame, and makes the photo look weird - and makes people focus on the fact someone was cropped out instead of focusing on that great photo of you. This very informative and easy to follow video shows a very easy way to get rid of a person in just few minutes, and how to leave no trace behind.

Jason Bell Photographs Iconic Personalities And Doing It With Style

British photographer Jason Bell is probably one of the most accomplished photographers in the world. By age 45 Jason shot some of the biggest names in the entertainment world (Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie), many film posters (Billy Elliot, Bridget Jones) and some very intimate family portraits of the Royal Family and Prince George. And he did it with style. Not many photographers get to shoot 'personal' work/projects with high-caliber names, but he's one that proves us all it is possible.

Breaking Into Concert Photography: TogTools Podcast with Fstoppers' Rebecca Britt

If music and EDM photography is your dream job, this next interview is just for you. The fourth session in the Fstoppers series over at the TogTools Podcast is finally up, and it's a very unique and interesting one. This week's guest is Fstoppers Staff Writer Rebecca Britt who is an amazing commercial and EDM photographer based in Texas. Aside from being with Fstoppers for a very long time, Rebecca is also a team member at Retouching Academy and runs the largest collective of EDM photographers on social media. In this interview, Rebecca shares her own story and gives a lot of useful tips on how to be a successful music/commercial photographer.

NBA Cuts Down Credentialed Photographers by 50% in Order to Make Sidelines Safer

The NBA is known to be one of the most organized and savvy organizations in the world when it comes to media relations and coverage. They attract hundreds of TV stations from around the world, they get online and print coverage in the most remote countries and millions of people follow the league on a daily basis during the season. Getting access to photograph NBA games was always a hard task because of the high demand, even if shooting for a major outlet. But now the NBA announced few changes that will make it even harder for photographers to work and cover the games.