Kids Try to Use Film Cameras For The First Time and Unsurprisingly Have No Idea How They Work

Remember those days when you totally forgot what ISO/ASA film was inside your camera, or when you just had no idea if the photos came out until you went somewhere to get them developed? You know what I'm talking about. The film days. Simple to set up - just pop in the right roll of film, attach it to the gear, close it down and it's ready to shoot. But what happens when you let iPhone-generation kids take photos with 20th century cameras?

Most kids who were born in the 2000's are not familiar with products we used to use in the past - things like the Gameboy, rotary phones, radio and so many other devices we all know and love. If you think about it, they don't even know what that generic 'Save' icon means. Same goes for film and film cameras. The concept of not being able to see the photos right away makes no sense to kids from the selfie and instant era. 

You have to agree it's kind of amusing to see their reactions to something we used and loved for so many years, not too long ago. 

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Fritz Asuro's picture

This is sad :(

Anonymous's picture

I love it. My grandson(4) who is a keen snapper with all my old cameras doesn't care if he doesn't see a picture or if there is film in the camera.He just likes the experience of holding any of my old cameras and using them. He also likes digital photography also.He comes into my "office" looks around and picks out one he would like to use.Box cameras,folders,compacts,slr's , doesn't faze him.He loves it when the flash fires.

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ps. He has managed to break one digital compact and one aps compact film camera. He is very destructive but I like to encourage him to try stuff.

Dana Goldstein's picture

I don't think the fact that they don't know how to use a film camera is sad -- it's been rather a while since I used an 8-track -- but what's sad is that they have practically NO actual physical pictures of themselves. Remember sitting around with your family and looking thru old albums, like your parents' wedding album, and seeing the fashions, seeing people you only remembered as old looking young, seeing loved ones who were no longer there? Those kids don't have THAT experience, and THAT is sad.

emile benjamin's picture

I need to get more Photo Fluid

Ralph Berrett's picture

Three Questions come to mind.
(1) What would these do kids without electricity?
(2) Do they know that crayons don't need batteries or an AC adapter?
(3) Would they drown in the rain?

Ralph Hightower's picture

When I was a kid, as long as I was home for supper, or if I called and asked if it was okay to have supper with a friend, they were fine with that.

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

That's the best!

Metalurgico Rubberized's picture

Film camera with no film?

Neo Racer's picture

Wish these were 'regular kids' but they are clearly 'actor kids' who are totally primed and have some schtick down. So its not that entertaining

Rafael Suárez's picture

Ok... and here is my little girl using my Nikon FM... watch it until she "show me" the photo