'Bros on Instagram' Shows You How to Take a Perfect Portrait of the Worst Cup of Coffee

Bro, sick shot! We all know those iPhone photographers (yeah, we are looking at you, Andrew Griswold) who may sometimes take their photoshoots a little too far. The team over at AwesomenessTV perfectly captured what it's like to get a cup of coffee with an Instagram Bro. Please Bro, quit embarrassing us, and just drink your coffee. 

Now, don't get me wrong; I'm guilty of snapping one too many photos of my beautiful dish of tikka masala curry or posting photos of desk succulents. Even still, I tend to use Instagram for posting snapshots and behind the scenes of my daily life (also my unhealthy obsession with mushrooms and my dog). I know a lot of photographers have carefully curated feeds: all images the same size with the same color scheme. Is that too far? Does using Instagram to post mainly behind the scenes hurt you as a photographer? Should photographers treat Instagram like a professional portfolio? It is a great free platform, and I know many of the writers here at Fstoppers have been approached for work via the 'Gram. I'd love to hear how Instagram has helped or hurt your photography business in the comments. 

When I go out with photographer friends, I more relate to the girl in the video. I've actually held a menu before to block light from coming into the frame, used my phone flashlight to help fill in the shadows, and used a metal napkin holder to bounce light. Who knows, maybe it's just the artist in iPhone photographers, but it's a lot of work for a shitty cup of coffee. 

What's the craziest thing you've done to get the Instagram shot? Share your images below! Also, you can follow me on Instagram to see some Fstoppers office behind the scenes and my amazing dog, Yeti. 

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Chelsey Rogers's picture

Don't tell me how to live my life, Pete.

Chelsey Rogers's picture

I'm just teasing Pete - I purposefully used portrait as a joke.

Rob Mynard's picture

What if it was one of those disney coffee's that had a face, and could sing songs and such? You could take a portrait of that.

Judd Green's picture

Everyone knows you can only take portraits of tea cups, not coffee cups..

Mark leedom's picture

Thanks for the tip. I'll shoot a landscape of coffee cups then.

Gavin Santos's picture

Luckily they sell chill-pills at Walmart now. They're on the sarcasm and jokes isle, next to the Bill Hicks DVDs

Prefers Film's picture

I once shot an entire series of food photos for an article on beef jerky, in the break room at my work. We have this huge granite-topped island, and big windows that let in this really nice soft light. Because it was a series, I had to shoot one flavor per day, over the course of a week. I'm sure it looked odd to the people I work with.

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briankaylor's picture

I was laughing at the overhead, items-spread-out-on-a-wooden-table style of the parody photo when I realized almost every fstoppers article about bags or travel equipment or accessories is exactly the same >.<

Chelsey Rogers's picture

oh yeah, we are ALL hipsters here :)

Alexandro Lacadena's picture

IMO the picture needed a bit more wam light... hahaa awesome!
Also, nice to see the action behind fstoppers =)