Film Photography

How Film Photography Can Make You a Better Photographer

We have long been in the digital age, but film has remained as an indulgence, a creative tool, or even the medium of choice for a few photographers. If you have been considering dabbling in it, this excellent video will show you some of the reasons it can make you a better overall photographer.

Is This the Weirdest 35mm Camera That Canon Has Ever Made?

For a huge Japanese corporation that’s thought to be incredibly conservative, it’s easy to forget that Canon hasn’t been afraid to try out some radical designs over the years. This one is up there with the best of them: a point-and-shoot that looks like a video camera and featuring a flash where you'd never expect it.

Great Advice on How To Produce a Cohesive Body of Work

There are many ways in which a photographer can tackle a particular project in order to create a set of images that complement each other. — from color to composition, the list is a long one. This photographer points out some interesting themes which have influenced how he approaches his projects.