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Intrepid Camera Co. Launch a Lightweight and Affordable 5x7 Large Format Camera

One of the benefits of film, is the option to shoot with much larger formats. Currently, the largest and highest resolution commercially available sensor, is the 150mp system from Phase One. This camera offers some of the highest resolutions with the largest sensor currently on the market; however, film cameras still greater potential in this area.

Super Compact and Medium Format? Why Not?

For those interested in a extremely compact medium format camera that shoots the most iconic format, 6x6, the Zeiss Super Ikonta 534/16 is here for you.

Developing Medium Format Film With Coffee

Developing your own rolls of film has been popular ever since it was necessary and is something all photographers should try at least once. In this video, that's exactly what happens, but using coffee to do so!

A Medium Format Digital Body With Film Lenses

With medium format bodies more affordable than ever, but still much lighter on lenses than full frame, could one solution be to use lenses originally created for film bodies?

There Are More Options for Film Stocks Than You Think

For those that are just getting into film, the “film look” doesn’t mean anything. There are so many different film stocks available, each with their own characteristics and personalities.

How Many Film Cameras and Lenses Is Too Many?

If you're like me and just about every photographer I know that shoots film, you have more than one camera. Maybe one or two 35mm options, a 645 or 6x6 camera, and perhaps a 6x7 camera. The question is though, how many is too many?

How You Can Take Color Photos on Black and White Film

Black and white film is, well, black and white. But using the same principles that a digital sensor uses, you can create color images from black and white film, and this fun tutorial will show you how it is done.

Most Over and Under Rated Film Cameras in 2020

In a world of hundreds of film cameras to choose from, there is a continuum of value for cameras. In this article I list out cameras ranging from most overrated to most underrated.

Instant Film Is More Meaningful Than Digital Photography

I recently picked up a Mint RF70, a fully manual camera designed to accept Fuji’s Instax Wide film. After capturing a few images with it over the past few days, I’m reminded of why I love instant film so much. Yes, it’s magical watching a print develop right in front of you, but that has nothing to do with why instant film is so exceptional.

Testing the Dynamic Range Limits for Medium Format Film: Kodak Ektachrome E100

Current digital medium format cameras offer some of the best in image quality. One of the big advantages that these large sensor cameras have is dynamic range. Most currently medium format cameras offer around 15 stops worth of dynamic range when shooting raw. How does medium format film compare to that?

The Joy of 6x6 Square Medium Format Film

Back in the days of film, the 6x6 format was highly popular among a lot of photographers. Even today, a lot of photographers would still love to have a square format digital sensor. This great video discusses a wealth of 6x6 film cameras, what they are like to shoot with, and the sort of images you can take with them.

A Look at a Photography Legend: The Nikon F

Few cameras are more legendary than the Nikon F, having been in the hands of countless professionals over many decades, while still remaining a popular collector's item and film camera today. This awesome video takes a look at just what made the camera so popular and what it is like to shoot with.

Three Different Ways to Develop Large Format Film at Home

Large format film is an entirely different experience from 35mm or even medium format, and it can be a really fun and intriguing process to try out. If you are interested in large format work, this great video will show you three different ways to develop your own film at home.

The Life of a Large Format Photographer

Large format photography is something entirely different from 35mm digital, medium format, and even other film photography. This fantastic video features a large format photographer discussing his story and some of the process behind making his images, and his lessons are readily applicable to any other type of photography.

What Could You Accomplish With a $3 Thrift Store Camera?

There are loads of cameras with incredible capabilities out there that make getting images under even the most difficult conditions possible. However, could you spend just a few dollars on a camera and still take great images? This fun video shows what you can accomplish with a 30-year-old camera from a thrift store.

Large Format Is Still Completely Unrivaled: 8x10 Versus Fuji GFX 100 (5DS R & X1D II)

Previously, we compared a 4x5 film camera to the Canon 5DS R, and the film camera was able to produce incredible results. We mostly focused on the differences in depth of field for that comparison. With 4x5, you're able to produce beautiful bokeh and extremely shallow depth of field. In this latest video, we decided to look at the differences in resolution.

Comparing Medium Format Film to Digital

There is no doubt that digital has surpassed the quality of 35mm film, but medium format film still offers tremendous quality and is significantly cheaper than digital medium format. How does it compare to a modern medium format camera? This great video takes a look at the two and the results you can expect from them.

Film Photographer Gives His Opinion on Which Film Camera You Should Buy

If you think that there are too many options today when considering buying a digital camera, then spare a thought for those who are interested in buying a film camera. Thankfully, this video can give those who are new to the format a better idea of what's on offer.

How the Epic Race Scenes in 'Ford v Ferrari' Were Made

Cinematographers help to bring the vision of the directors they work with to life through their use of practical and off screen lighting, motion capture techniques, and composition. Let’s go behind the scenes with Phedon Papamichael, ASC, the cinematographer from Ford v Ferrari, and see how he helped formulate the lighting and capture of some of the most epic racing scenes in years.

Affordable Versus Expensive Lens: Is There a Noticeable Difference?

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t go through some amount of indecision when it comes to picking out a new lens to get. One major factor in decision making is the cost of the lens. Some are affordable, others are better but less affordable, and others are out right expensive. In the end, is there a noticeable difference?