Film Photography

Shooting Affordable Medium Format Polaroids

There are areas of photography that are revered by many photographers, two of them are medium format and Polaroid. However, combining the two has become tremendously expensive in recent years. Perhaps now there's a solution.

Is 645 Medium Format Worth It?

For many film photographers, particularly those only recently getting into film, the question of going to medium format reaches everyone at some point. The smallest format, 645, is debatably not worth the additional costs over 35mm.

From Start To Finish, See How Kodak Film Is Made

With film photography growing more and more popular by the day, it's becoming more common to see film on the shelves at camera shops. This video visits Kodak to show us all how Kodak's film is made.

The Joy of Aerial Film Photography of New York

Most of the time, when you see aerial photography, it is taken with top-end modern equipment; after all, it is not cheap to rent a plane or helicopter, and usually, the photographer wants to get the most they can out of the experience. But that does not mean you can't shoot film from the air, and this fun video shows just what a joy it can be.

The Best of the Year: 2020 Year in Review From a Film Photographer

The year 2020 has been, for a majority of people, an absolutely bizarre year that few (no one?) would want to relive. For this film photographer, here are the best things from 2020: the best expensive gear, cheap gear, inspirations, etc.

Why You Should Be Shooting on Film in 2021

If 2020 has somehow given you an appreciation of tactile experiences and a slower pace of life, you might want to consider periodically leaving your digital camera at home in in the new year and start capturing the world on film instead. Here are a few good reasons why.

Is This the Best Alternative To the Hasselblad X-Pan?

There's something unique and appealing about shooting panoramic format. The most popular camera for it is the Hasselblad X-Pan, which goes for several thousand dollars these days. Do we finally have an affordable alternative?

Shootout of the 645s: Pentax 645 Versus Mamiya 645

For film photographers looking to getting into medium format, often the first considerations made are 645 cameras. The Mamiya 645 and the Pentax 645 are two of the most popular models.

Lego, Photography, and Robotics, Oh My!

Without doubt, there is a sub-culture of photographers who adore Lego. Count Benjamin Bezine among them. Bezine has used Lego, a Raspberry Pi personal computer, and an integrated LED to create an automated film to digital, erm... contraption, scanner.

How To Build Yourself a Pinhole Camera Out of a Matchbox

There are lots of film cameras you can try, but if you're feeling adventurous, why not make your own pinhole camera? It's not as hard as you may think, and you may have what you need lying around.

Shooting Polaroid Film on the Mamiya RB67

Who doesn't love instant film? Who doesn't love shooting medium format? Using a high quality medium format camera to shoot polaroids is getting the best of both worlds.