Film Photography

Testing the Exposure Latitude of Kodak Portra 160

Arguably the favorite characteristic of film for many film photographers is the way film responds to light when under- or over-exposed. Portra 160 is no different. Ironically, the results really surprised me.

Shooting Portraits on One of the Most Expensive Film Cameras

Medium format film cameras are a rarer sight than ever, and taking portraits on them can be an experience. These portraits, however, are taken on one of the most expensive film cameras you can get your hands on.

5 Ways Shooting Film Makes You a Better Photographer

In a world where digital photography is ever-present, film photography often takes a back seat. But this analog medium actually has some crucial lessons to teach all of us, if only we're willing to listen.

This Is the Main Reason I Don't Use My Film Camera

I love film photography; there's a special quality that analogue photos have that digital could possibly never match. However, I never shoot with my film camera anymore. Why not?

The Process of Restoring a Leica Film Camera

As a film photographer, the need for camera repair and restoration is not a new one. Watch as someone goes through the step by step process they went through to obtain the camera, details the camera's history, and the restoration of the camera.

The Incredible True Story of How and Why Kodak Aerochrome Was Created

Many of you will have seen images taken with the famous Kodak Aerochrome film, or more likely in today's photography, you will have seen a digital homage to its created aesthetic. But how did this film come to be, and why was it originally used?

Shooting With One of the Most Beloved Medium Format Film Cameras

Though it was introduced 50 years ago, the Mamiya RB67 is still one of the most beloved cameras out there, widely sought after by many film photographers. What makes this camera so special? This great video follows a photographer as he shoots with it for the first time.