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Astonishing Super 8 Drone Footage

Strap yourself in, Jason De Freitas is back with a new project. This time he’s attached a Super 8 Camera to a drone and the footage is astonishing. 

If you’ve never heard of him before, De Freitas is an Australian photographer who showcases an extraordinary mix of film photography with innovative tech on his YouTube and Instagram channels.  

In his latest video, he pulls off the unthinkable — somehow he has managed to mount a Super 8 camera to a drone and trigger it remotely as it flies over Australia. 

Super 8 is a motion picture film format released by Kodak in 1965. Against the odds, the format lives on over half a century later. Kodak manufactures a range of color and black and white Super 8 film, but buying the film is the easy part. It's no problem finding a Super 8 camera these days, but finding one that works can be a challenge. It takes some next-level determination to then mount one to a drone. 

In this new 3-minute video we also get glimpses of all the hours of work that must have gone into this project. We see the 3D-printed bracket that mounts the camera to the drone, and we see the mechanism that trips the Super 8 shutter remotely. 

His talent doesn't end there — De Freitas shows his considerable flying skills by performing loops and dives over the spectacular coastline of southern New South Wales — and the Super 8 camera captures it all. Respect!

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Matt Murray is a travel, portrait and stock photographer from Brisbane, Australia.

Matt is an avid film photographer and hosts an analogue photography podcast 'Matt Loves Cameras' featuring reviews of classic film and instant cameras.

Matt also hosts a new photography YouTube channel Matt Loves Cameras.

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