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A Masterclass From a Master Photographer

Landscape photography as a genre can be perceived as quite repetitive to some. However, to others, it can be a multifaceted challenge depending on the light, conditions, and locations that we choose to photograph!

Why You Should Not Always Shoot at the Widest Aperture

Modern lenses are quite remarkable devices, and they often allow you to shoot at extremely wide apertures with little consequence in image quality, making it easy to fall into the habit of just leaving your lens at that maximum aperture for all your images. That can be a mistake, though, and it can make your work overly one-dimensional. This excellent video essay discusses some of the many reasons you might want to consider stopping down the next time you head out.

Which DJI Drone Is Right for You?

DJI Air 3 versus Mini 3 Pro versus Mavic 3 Pro versus Mavic 3 Classic. It is all a bit much now, isn't it? Just like Sony, DJI is constantly releasing updated versions of their products, at varying price points, and with different sets of features, so it is tough to know which one to get. In this video, Kai looks at the four latest drones from DJI and breaks down what might be best for you.

10 Tips for Taking Stunning Landscape Photos With a Drone

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular for landscape photographers and for good reason. Drones offer a unique perspective of the world we live in that can be used to capture stunning landscape imagery. If you're new to drone photography or if you're looking to improve your skills, here are 10 tips to help you take stunning landscape photos with your drone alongside equipment and accessories to consider.

Astonishing Super 8 Drone Footage

Strap yourself in, Jason De Freitas is back with a new project. This time he’s attached a Super 8 Camera to a drone and the footage is astonishing.

Lighting the Night With Sony’s Airpeak Drone

Sony's AirPeak drone is the world‘s smallest drone that can carry a full frame Alpha series mirrorless camera. It's also a versatile aerial platform that's capable of carrying other payloads. Check out how professional drone pilot Craig Coker deployed powerful drone-lighting tools to capture stunning images of world-class athletes in the first AirPeak "Light The Night" showcase.

The Future of Drone Development

Many of us associate DJI with their dominance in the drone market for photo and video; however, there is an entire world of enterprise solutions that you might know about. These are innovations that could even show up in the next drone you purchase.

Try a New Perspective to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Changing your approach and perspective to your landscape photography can produce some stunning results. Looking at the more intimate details and patterns, the textures, and how everything interacts within your scene can really open up a new world for your photography.

A GoPro, a Selfie Stick, and a Satellite

Yes, you read the headline correctly, and the results are out of this world. NanoAvionics mounted a GoPro Hero 7 to an improvised selfie stick and attached it to their MP42 microsatellite to record the footage.

The Next Best TikTok Camera Could Be the DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro

The next drone in DJI's Mini lineup, the DJI Mini 3 Pro, is almost upon us, and though it looks to be a successor to the Mini 2, some reviewers have already gotten their hands on it to show that it is, in reality, a different beast entirely with its "Pro" nomenclature.

Fstoppers Reviews the Clear Night Filter: Enabling Astrophotography With a Drone?

If you’re into astrophotography, a drone typically isn’t your camera of choice. That’s why I was surprised to see Haida’s release of a light-pollution reducing filter for the new Mavic 3, which they’re calling the NanoPro Clear-Night Filter. Does this filter change the experience of shooting with a drone at night?

Five Mini Drones for Drone Beginners To Consider

In the world of drone photography, it’s hard to remember that there are players in the market that aren’t DJI. But maybe you are in the mood for something different. Maybe you’re just starting out. It might be worth it, in that case, to check out a few other options.

Are We in the Post-Photography Era?

When I look at product photography and video in the fashion and beauty product industry, many of the shots are now computer-generated. It might be at a steep cost initially to get the team to create the products in 3D space, but once that’s done, the product can be used in any scene you need for the client. Are we beyond photography?

How a Photographer Works From a Plane

Shooting from a plane is a privilege few of us are lucky enough to experience, and it can yield some incredible images that simply would not be possible otherwise. This neat video goes behind the scenes to show you how a photographer shoots landscape images from a plane and also shows some of the stunning photos he is able to capture.

Pacific Northwest Escape Mission 1: Helicopter Shooting the North Cascades

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, sits one of America’s most majestic spots — and every photographer’s dream. Often called the American Alps, North Cascades National Park features endless opportunities to capture America in all its striking glory. But before you point and shoot, you need to know where to look.

Own a Drone in the US? You've Got to Do This Before Your Next Flight

The FAA has some new regulations you have to follow as a drone pilot, regardless of whether you're just flying recreationally, or even if you already hold the Part 107 certification. Fortunately, compliance is free and easy, and you can do it right now.

Incredible Abstract Lava Drone Photography in Iceland

Gudmann and Gyda, both native Icelandic photographers, decided to leave the drone at home on their first few trips to the new volcanic eruption. But this time they headed back with their drone to capture some incredible aerial footage and abstract shots of the lava flow.

Bigger Is Better: We Review PNY’s PRO Elite MicroSD Cards

While the choice of a memory card might seem simple if you normally just grab whatever’s on sale, there are a number of reasons to reconsider that method. The latest generation of cards offer faster speeds and larger capacities at better price points. Whether you’re looking to equip your newest action cam or drone, PNY’s Pro Elite MicroSD card is a great choice.

Did Photoshop’s New Feature Just Crush This AI Product?

One of the latest buzzwords in tech and editing has been AI. While the earliest implementations were a bit of a gimmick, powerful tools and developments from companies like Adobe, NVIDIA, and Luminar have brought AI to the end-user in a meaningful way. Photoshop’s March 2021 update introduces a new AI tool that promises massive resolution improvements for any camera. Does it live up to the hype?

Crikey! Steve Irwin's Son Wins Prestigious Photography Award

The world mourned when the crocodile whisperer and wildlife personality, Steve Irwin, was stabbed through the heart by a stingray. However, it seems his talents have carried over to his son, Robert, who has just claimed the top prize in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Landscape Photography With a Skydio 2 Drone

I've been an avid landscape photographer for many years, and I've been a drone flyer for almost 4 years. I liked the idea of getting landscape shots from angles I simply couldn't get to from the ground. Living in Arizona, there's a lot of opportunities to get some lovely images from the air.

The Joy of Aerial Film Photography of New York

Most of the time, when you see aerial photography, it is taken with top-end modern equipment; after all, it is not cheap to rent a plane or helicopter, and usually, the photographer wants to get the most they can out of the experience. But that does not mean you can't shoot film from the air, and this fun video shows just what a joy it can be.

Ring Will Launch a Drone as Security Camera for Your Home Next Year

The Always Home Cam is a drone that flies through your home to make sure everything is intact when you’re not there. When the alarm goes off, it gets out of its dock and flies to the breach. The cameras are blocked when in the dock, so it only records when in flight, and because drones make noise when in flight, everyone knows when recording is taking place.

What It Looks Like to Be A Commercial Drone Pilot During COVID-19

While we all adjust to these ongoing changes, it is interesting to see how different types of photographers and videographers have successfully adapted and continued their craft. Being a commercial drone pilot often requires a small team, and that team is often a part of a larger production. With film and video production studios beginning to get back to work, what it looks like behind the scenes on set is going to be different.

Why Should You Buy the DJI Mavic Air 2?

The Mavic Air 2, DJI’s latest drone, sits squarely between its other drones, the Mavic Mini and the Mavic 2 Pro, but what does it offer that its siblings don’t? Gena Nagata, a.k.a Potato Jet, takes all three for a spin to find out.

Is One Post-Processing Step Better Than 48 Megapixels?

A few years ago, Adobe introduced an alternate way of processing images that could help reduce artifacts. In the intervening years, much of the benefits have faded away, until now. Can this technique find a new use in processing images from non-Bayer sensors?

Airdata: An Essential Tool for Drone Pilots?

Whether you’ve just gotten a drone to escape quarantine via the skies, or you’ve been flying professionally for a while, having access to more detailed flight information can help make you a better pilot. Airdata, a flight data platform, promises to give pilots broad insight into their drone’s data. Do they deliver?

DJI Mavic Air 2 Versus Every Other DJI Drones

DJI has recently introduced Mavic Air 2 and it looks like the best small-sized drone option at the moment. But how does it compete against the other DJI drones?

I Destroyed a Drone on My First Flight and Here's What I'd Do Differently

The first time you do anything, you’re bound to do it poorly. The first time I shot football, I thought a 1/200 s shutter speed would be perfectly fine to stop action. The first time I shot portraits, I thought my f/1.6 photos were perfectly sharp (they were not even close). And the first time I flew a drone was a catastrophe worse than both of those experiences.

3 Ways to Master Abstract Photography

Abstract nature and landscape photography is a subgenre in its own right. It is a fascinating approach to nature, where the feeling of the photo is usually more important than the subject.

Exploration Inspiration for 2020: Guess Where These Places Are?

Happy New Year! If you’re like me, you probably made about 20 New Year's resolutions — most of which seemed like far poorer ideas once the wine wore off. A few I do have to admit would make me a better person, but don't sound like much fun. There's only one am I excited about: Explore more!