The Must-Have Drone Shots for Real Estate Videos

This is a great, to-the-point video on the essential shots you should take for a drone real estate video.

I was so anti-drone for many years that I have never actually purchased a drone. I received a DJI Mini for Christmas a few years ago from my best friend. Since I shoot a lot of real estate, people have been telling me for years to get a drone so I can offer video to my clients, but I was not interested. Honestly, I’m not sure why I was so against drones, but I do finally own one.

Initially, my interest in working with a drone was so I could incorporate a different perspective into my fine art photography, although I’m going to have to upgrade to a drone with a higher resolution if I want to print large images. 

I have since incorporated drone photos and video into my real estate shoots, and yes, it’s a great way to make some extra money by adding it onto the still photography package. Taking still images with a drone is pretty straightforward, but shooting video is much more difficult.

Creating a smooth, cinematic look takes a lot of practice, and you need to learn what shots you need so you can edit together a professional, visually interesting real estate video that ultimately helps to get the home sold. Also, you don’t want to waste your time at a property shooting aimlessly and hoping to get something usable. Watch this video, and you will know exactly what to capture and make your life much easier while shooting and editing as well.

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Korbin is a Fine Art, Fashion and Home Photographer living in Los Angeles. His love of photography began early while growing up in Detroit and eventually turning professional while living in L.A. Korbin's focus is on selling his prints, but is still very active in his other photography endeavors.

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