DJI's New Drone Is Mind Blowing

The new DJI Avata dropped today and this little drone looks absolutely incredible. 

Let me first start by saying that I think DJI drones in general are some of the most incredible products made in the last decade. It seems like every 3 months another DJI drone comes out that makes the previous model feel obsolete. 

Just a couple of years ago you needed to buy a specific drone for a specific type of shooting. Do you want it to be small? safe? nimble? or do you want stability and the best image quality? Do you want it to be acrobatic and work with a headset or a controller-mounted screen?

The DJI Avata looks to have combined all of the best features into a FPV drone that fits into the palm of your hand with built-in propellor guards. It is actually designed to crash and has the ability to right itself even it if falls upside down. You can fly it with an optional VR headset and 3D motion controller that uses wrist movement to fly the drone. It has a 4k camera with advanced image stabilization and horizon steadying options. 

DJI didn't like my review of the action camera that they sent me so they didn't send me an advance copy of this drone but they did send it to other creators. Check out a few of the best reviews below. 

I pre-ordered one to test it myself. It should ship out to buyers on August 30. 

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