Try a New Perspective to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Changing your approach and perspective to your landscape photography can produce some stunning results. Looking at the more intimate details and patterns, the textures, and how everything interacts within your scene can really open up a new world for your photography.

With so many different ways to explore your practice these days, using drones for capturing the top-down shots and those hard-to- or impossible-to-reach vantage points, the possibilities of expanding your landscape photography skills are endless. Photographing the details in the landscape with longer focal lengths like a 100-400mm lens can be a really rewarding way to experience the scene, as you are capturing the delicate details and textures that are often missed when looking at the wider vista. Wider focal lengths such as a 14-30mm lens used to capture close work details can also provide a different perspective and perhaps one that you may not have considered. 

We all have our own ideas of what we are looking for in a landscape, but we all need that point of inspiration to progress. In this new video brought to you by Michael Shainblum, he takes you through his thought process and shows examples of all these ideas in practice on his recent trip to Iceland. 

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Gary McIntyre is a landscape photographer and digital artist based on the west coast of Scotland. As well as running photography workshops in the Glencoe region, providing online editing workshops, Gary also teaches photography and image editing at Ayrshire college.

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Drone photography has made it easier for me to get foreground, midground & background in a shot once you have identified a worthy subject. 53 flights & counting...