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Cold Weather Gear You Might Forget About

Speaking for wildlife and landscape photographers, we all seem to be interested in the fast glass (especially if it's longer than 600mm or wider than 24mm), better battery life, more frames per second, higher resolution, and a weather-sealed robust body that can take a licking. But, when the weather turns cold, there's something we can't shoot without: gloves.

Six Months With the Nikon Z8 as a Landscape Photographer

The Nikon Z8 has been out for over six months now. The camera has many promising new features, but is it the best camera for landscape photography? This is a look at the Z8 after six months of usage by a landscape photographer.

Are You Savoring the Photographic Experience?

There can be a lot of pressure on photographers to get the shot, move on, and get the next one. It's important to remember to enjoy the craft, though. This great video tutorial reminds you to savor the moment.

Avoid These Composition Mistakes

In landscape photography, good composition is as important as the right light. A photo with amazing light won't necessarily be great unless the elements within the frame are properly composed. William Patino offers tips on effective composition and what to avoid.

Mistakes You Are Making With Your Woodland Landscape Photography

One of the more difficult landscape scenes to photograph are woodland environments. Many landscape photographers find these locations challenging to photograph, myself included. This video has several tips on how to improve your woodland landscape photography.

How to Capture and Edit Epic Landscapes

In this video, landscape photographer William Patino takes us behind the scenes of capturing an epic landscape photo in New Zealand. He shares his complete process, including the photo editing in Lightroom.

Stop Being a Lazy Photographer and Straighten Your Horizons

Photography is an art form that combines technical skill with creative vision, and among the fundamental principles that every photographer should master is the art of straightening horizons. Yet, it's a common oversight, often dismissed as a minor detail. It's a pet peeve of mine and is something that is easily avoided. Let's delve into the significance of level horizons in photography, explore the reasons why they often go unnoticed, and provide practical tips on how to break the habit of being a lazy photographer by ensuring your horizons are straight.

In a Rapidly Evolving World of AI: This Contest Is More Important Than Ever

This year's Natural Landscape Photography Awards have just been announced, and like previous years, the results are breathtaking. Bigger than just the results themselves, though, is what this contest represents and exemplifies in a world where we have become accustomed to questioning what is real and what isn't.
A Better Way to Sharpen Your Landscape Photos

If you shoot in raw, you will need to sharpen your images in post-processing, but with literally dozens of approaches to doing this, it can be tricky to know the best way to go about such a crucial step. If you would like to improve your landscape images, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer sharing his approach.

Capturing Sharp Images in Bad Weather

When it gets windy outside, do you get frustrated with blurry photos? There are some camera settings you can change to help ensure you capture sharp images, even on windy days. This video talks about some of those settings that can help make sure your images are sharp.

Are You Ready To Improve the Sharpness of Your Landscape Photos?

Do you struggle with getting your landscape photography photos in focus? Or are you confused about when you can use one shot to keep things in focus or need to focus stack? This video addresses how to focus to get sharp landscape photography images.

Skylum Now Adds Even More AI to Luminar Neo

Just a few weeks ago, Skylum added GenErase to the Neo platform, a smart AI erase and fill feature. Now, they are adding the second part of their trilogy of AI tech: this one is GenSwap.

A Guide to Editing a Landscape Photo

Rarely is a landscape photo finished the moment you press the shutter; almost every image requires some degree of editing, both to add your personal creative touch and to give it a polished presentation. If you are new to the genre and ready to learn, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer showing you how he edits an image from start to finish using Lightroom.

Improve Your Composition by Not Fixating on These 5 Things

Curiosity and fascination are very helpful things that can fuel a photographer to capture stunning images. However, as we get inspired by spectacular things that we see, it is necessary that we also have composure to make the most out of whatever we are photographing.

What a Landscape Photographer Has Learned After Two Decades in the Craft

Landscape photography can be a lonely genre, and it can be easy to fall into seeking external validation and creating the same images over and over. However, living fully in the present, trying new things, and taking risks leads to photographic growth. That's one of the most important lessons an experienced landscape photographer has learned over 20 years.

Are f/2.8 Lenses Needed for Landscape Photography?

Photographers are always looking for the best gear to practice their craft. Many seek out the faster f/2.8 lenses, but are they the right choice for landscape photographers? This video talks about why one landscape photographer stopped using their f/2.8 lenses.

Is Micro Four Thirds Useful for Landscape Photography?

When it comes to landscape photography, there are generally three sensor sizes: APS-C, full frame, and medium format, but even smaller than APS-C is micro four thirds. In a genre that often requires significant physical exertion, such portable cameras can be quite attractive, but can those especially small sensors keep up with the demands of professionals and enthusiasts? This great video takes a look.

3 Steps for Better Seascape Photos

The sea is constantly changing, and that means you always have opportunities to create unique images just about whenever you are ready to pull out your camera. If you would like you create better seascape photos, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer sharing three steps that will help you improve your shots.

Great Camera Lens Filters for Landscape Photography

I've been using filters for my photography for more than ten years, and for the last five, I have used filters made by Kase. Just recently, I switched my filter system to what I think is the perfect filter kit for landscape and architecture photography. In this article, you'll find a detailed review of it.

Dealing With Rain in Landscape Photography

Few people enjoy getting soaked in the rain, and as such, it can be tempting to avoid even heading out when the drops start flying. Nonetheless, if you are willing to brave the inclement weather, it can make for some interesting landscape images. This great video follows an experienced landscape photographer as he deals with heavy rain and tries to make worthwhile images.

Sony a7R IV Fails at a Key Moment

When it comes to camera tech these days, one thing that we need to be sure of is reliability. When Gavin Hardcastle (Fototripper) was at an iconic location in Ireland, the worst that could possibly happen happened, and worst of all, he didn't realize it until he was back at home and had no chance of retaking the shot.

Landscape Photographers: Be the Example in Nature

As outdoor recreation areas become more crowded, the adverse effects on the landscape become more evident. Landscape photographers can help set the example by practicing Nature First Principles while we are out in nature photographing these beautiful scenes.

How to Capture Epic Timelapses

When I think of timelapse photography there are many things that come to mind, however, there is one person who in particular comes to mind and that is the one and only Michael Shainblum. In this video, he not only shares his approach, tips, and techniques but graces us with some incredible footage to cement the idea of just how incredible timelapses can be.

How Do You Make Unique Photos at Popular Locations?

There are some timeless, popular landscape photography locations that countless photographers visit every year. And while those places are certainly popular for a reason, the downside is that it can be quite difficult to create unique images that stand out from the thousands of others from the same spot. So, how do you go about rising above the crowd? This excellent video tutorial features an experienced landscape photographer discussing the issue.

Misty Autumn Photography and a Mobile Darkroom

In this behind-the-scenes video, watch a beautiful autumnal shoot take place, first during the blue hour, and then with some incredible morning light through the mist. Then, to top it off, some on-location printing!
The Difficult Decisions in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography can be a bit of a start and stop genre, with hours of waiting punctuated by fleeting moments of opportunity. That can lead to some difficult decisions about how to maximize your chances of coming home with worthwhile shots. This great video follows an experienced landscape photographer as he grapples with such decisions and discusses how he moves forward.

How to Handle Boring Skies in Landscape Photography

Most people hear of blue skies in the forecast and get excited for nice weather, but for landscape photographers, it can cause a groan, as it means monotonous compositions that are difficult to work with. Nonetheless, that does not mean you need to pack up your camera and head home, as it is still possible to make great shots, even with those boring skies. This great video tutorial will show you how to do just that.

Some of Photoshop's Most Useful Newer Features for Landscape Photographers

Photoshop remains the gold standard for advanced landscape photo edits, and in recent iterations, we have seen some remarkable steps forward, with some features giving photographers the ability to make drastic edits with just the click of a button. If you are ready to update your toolkit, check out this fantastic video tutorial that explores some of the newest features and shows you how to leverage them in a landscape image edit.

Five Tips for Better Autumn Photos

Now is the time to head out and capture beautiful fall colors, and in this article, I give you five tips on how to do so.

Why Feel Is More Important Than Rules in Landscape Photography

Between the rule of thirds, camera settings, guidelines on focal length, depth of field calculations, and more, landscape photography can be a rather prescriptive genre. And while it can be good to have rules that increase your chances of coming home with a keeper, they can also be overly restrictive. This great video tutorial features an experienced landscape photographer discussing why feel is more important than following the rules in the genre.

Landscape Photography With the Nikon 24-200mm

A 24-200mm is a zoom lens with such a range of focal lengths that it makes it perfect for a walkaround lens. The question is, how good is it at the extremes and how useful is it in the wild? In this video, Nigel Danson takes it on a landscape shoot to see how it performs.
Making the Best of Bad Conditions in Landscape Photography

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of landscape photography is that you do not have any control over the conditions, and if nature does not feel like cooperating that day, you can end up with a real struggle on your hands. That does not mean you should just give up and pack it in, though. This great video follows an experienced landscape photographer as he deals with such a day and perseveres in order to still come home with worthwhile images.

Five Gift Ideas for Landscape Photographers

Holiday season is officially upon us, and now is the time when we start searching the internet for what to buy your loved ones, friends, and family, or even a cheeky treat for yourself. In this article. I choose five items that I think are ideal for landscape photographers old and new.

7 Helpful Tips for Better Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a challenging genre that requires a wide range of technical and creative skills, a lot of perseverance, and often, just a bit of luck. If you would like to improve your landscape work, check out this helpful video tutorial that features an experienced photographers sharing seven useful tips sure to put you on the track to better photos.

The Fine Art of Composition in Landscape Photography

Composition is one of the trickiest parts of photography no matter what genre you shoot, but it can be especially challenging in genres in which you have no control over the placement of the elements in the environment, such as landscape photography. This great video features an experienced landscape photographer discussing some of the difficulties of composition and showing how even minor adjustments can make or break an image.

Why Believing in Yourself Matters in Photography

Being a creative is often anything but easy, and doubt in your abilities can creep in due to all sorts of factors. That can have serious consequences on your ability to produce images, and that can lead to a spiral of reinforcement that hinders your progress. This excellent video essay features an experienced landscape photographer discussing the issue and why a positive mindset can lead you to compelling photos even in poor conditions.

Enhancing Your Composition by Using the Often Overlooked Lines in the Sky

Lines play an important role in the art of composition. They serve as guides directing the viewer's attention, emphasizing the subject within the frame. While we often find lines with the prominent features of a landscape, it's crucial not to overlook the lines in the sky.

What Filters Are Really Necessary for Landscape Photographers?

Landscape photographers often employ filters for a variety of reasons in order to shape and improve their images. With so many options out there, it can be difficult for a beginner to know which filters are truly useful and which you can probably live without. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced landscape photographer discussing some of the most important filters for the genre.

Why Should You Challenge Yourself?

Picture the scene, you are at a location, camera in hand, ready to capture some epic shots of a landscape that looks the same as it has thousands of years ago! You, however, are not alone, you are in the company of other photographers who feel that a challenge is in order and not any old challenge, an only 400mm challenge.

The Importance of Light in Landscape Photography

In landscape photography, just like any other, light can make or break a photo, and as such, one of the most important things a new photographer should do is learn how to read light. This awesome video tutorial features an experienced professional discussing how to read light and how urban environments can help you become a better landscape photographer.

Dodging and Burning Isn't Just for Portraits

When most photographers think of dodging and burning, they think of it being used to sculpt a subject's face and as a high-end retouching technique. But dodging and burning is nothing more than the skillful shaping of light in a frame, and as such, it is an appropriate and useful technique for just about any genre of photography. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to use it to create a dramatic landscape image.

The 400mm Landscape Photography Challenge

When you think of landscape photography, you likely think of using a wide angle lens to capture a wide swath of a scene in order to encapsulate its grandeur. And while that is an excellent way to use a wide angle lens and one of the primary reasons they are so popular, longer focal lengths have a place in landscape photography as well. This fun video follows some of YouTube's most well-known landscape photographers as they grab their 400mm lenses to see what they can create.

How to Edit a Landscape Photo Using an iPad, Lightroom, and Photoshop

In the beginning, the iPad was mostly an entertainment device meant for content consumption, but it quickly evolved into an incredibly powerful device for content creators, and when combined with Adobe's apps, it is an intriguing option for photographers on the go. This awesome video tutorial will show you how to use the iPad to edit landscape images using both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Photography Is a Feeling

Landscape photography, at its core, is more than just a visual art form; it's a profound emotional experience. It's the art of capturing feelings, not just scenes. I want to take you on a journey through my lens to explore how photography transcends mere pixels and lenses, with my backdrop being the unforgettable Storm Agnes adventure at the Devil's Horns in Dingle.

Watch Every Episode of Photographing The World: Japan BTS for Free

We recently wrapped up filming our newest landscape photography tutorial with Elia Locardi, Photographing The World: Japan. As always, we filmed an entire behind-the-scenes series of our adventure, and now, you can watch every episode for free.
The Telephoto Lens: A Shortcut to Getting Attractive Images

Photography is an art that allows us to freeze moments in time and capture the beauty of the world around us through the form of photographs. Among the many tools a photographer can utilize to create their art, a telephoto lens stands out as a distinctive and excellent choice for those seeking to easily capture attractive and compelling images. In this article, we will discuss the advantages that telephoto lenses offer and also how they can help you get attractive images easily.

Can You Take Great Landscape Photos at Any Location?

If you look at a lot of the most popular landscape photography on something like Instagram, you will probably notice that many of the images that come up tend to be from a few popular locations. Does that mean you can only create worthwhile photos only at those well-known images? This great video tutorial features an experienced landscape photographer discussing the issue and showing you some of the potential even ordinary places have.

Some of the Best Landscape Photography Lenses You Can Buy

Christopher Frost is one of the most prolific, thorough, and consistent lens reviewers on the internet, and so, when he offers his opinion, it is well worth taking the time to listen. In this great video, he discusses three of his favorite landscape photography lenses and why they are so well suited to the job.