What Do You Do When the Sky Is Blue and Boring?

For the normal person, blue skies make for a lovely day, but for the landscape photographer, they can be pretty drab and boring. That does not mean you can't take great shots, though; it just means you need to try for different images than you would otherwise. This great video discusses how you can turn monotonous blue skies into fantastic images.

3 Ways to Fix a Bad Sky in a Photo

A lot of photography is learning how to control different parameters: lighting, composition, posing, etc., but one thing we will never have control over is the sky. Bad skies are something we all have to deal with at one time or another, and this great video will show you three different ways you can fix them.

4 Ways Photo Outings Can Fail

It happens to all of us at one point or another: our camera breaks, the weather does not cooperate, etc. We have all had a failed photoshoot before. This great video features a photographer discussing four different failed photoshoots of his own.