Why Do You Do Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography is a quirky genre: you often have to get up ludicrously early, hike for miles with heavy equipment, and endure the wet and cold, and after all that, you don't even get to control the light, and you might not even come away with the shot. Why do it in the first place then?

Milky Way Photographers: Eliminate Coma and Astigmatism No Matter What Lens You Use

When shooting the night sky, we are looking at points of light that don’t always resolve well with the lenses we have in our bag. Whether the lens is a top-of-the-line “L” from Canon or a third-party lens that cost 1/10th the price, they may both have issues with coma and astigmatism. Here's what you can do to fix these issues and not be stuck with an underperforming piece of glass.