Film Photography

How To Get Real Sprocket Holes in Your Images

A popular photo trend we’ve all seen on Instagram is to bring back the vintage look. People’s love of a good nostalgia trip means they go looking for interesting ways to add old and dated character to their images.

Great Advice on How To Produce a Cohesive Body of Work

There are many ways in which a photographer can tackle a particular project in order to create a set of images that complement each other. — from color to composition, the list is a long one. This photographer points out some interesting themes which have influenced how he approaches his projects.

Why Is the Leica M6 Such a Popular Camera?

The Leica M6 is a classic film camera that’s going to set you back well over two grand before you even attach a lens to it. What is it about this camera that makes it so desirable?

My Favorite Budget Film Camera to Date: Fstoppers Reviews the Nikon FE

The Nikon FE is the perfect blend of a lightweight construction that still feels sturdy and has perfect functionality with my favorite camera feature: aperture priority mode. I never thought I’d find a 35mm camera that I’d use more than my F100 or F2, but here we are.

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Film Camera

If digital images feel a bit too clean and clinical, consider giving your photography some soul by shooting on film. Before buying your first analog camera, here are three things that you should keep in mind.