Recent Film Photography Articles

One of the Weirdest Medium Format Cameras Ever Made

Before gaining popularity with the highly respected X Series and GFX Series, Fujifilm was quite active in the film industry, making some fantastic cameras that are still popular with enthusiasts today. One of the most interesting cameras they made was the GA645Zi, and this great video takes a look at what it is like to shoot with a medium format point and shoot.

Why and How Does Hollywood Still Shoot Movies on Film?

Cinematography has been transformed by the arrival of high-end digital cameras, bringing huge advantages to the entire workflow. So why do some directors prefer to shoot on film and what does this process look like?

Digital Camera Scanning Is the Best Way to Digitize Film

For film photographers, digitizing film is arguably the most important part of the workflow. For me, there is no longer a debate of what is the best approach. Using a digital camera to digitize film is the only way.

How to Take Photos Without a Lens

The lens is obviously one of the most fundamental pieces of photography gear along with the camera, but strictly speaking, you do not actually need one to create an image. This interesting video will take you behind the scenes of a neat photography process that lets you take photos without even using a lens and show you the workflow and results.

What Is the Best Medium Format Film Camera for Portraits?

Medium format sensors are usually housed in expensive cameras, but with film bodies, you have far more options without having to remortgage. In this video, one film photographer discusses what the best medium format film camera for portraits is.

Why You Should Shoot Film in 2022!

In the last few years, analog photographic processes have been making a big resurgence. After many years of emulating the film look digitally with presets, such as for Lightroom, many photographers are making the full jump into film photography.

4 Composition Techniques for Better Film Photographs

Composition has rules that transcend all visual mediums, but playing to the equipment you're using can still be helpful. In this video, one photographer walks through his favorite techniques for better film photographs.

Your First Film Camera for Under $50

It’s no well-kept secret that cell phone cameras have made digital photography ubiquitous. Over the last few years, film has regained popularity. In her video, Madison Beach shares a few reasons why you should be shooting film!

How to Shoot Kodak's Incredible Aerochrome Film

I recently interviewed Australian film photographer Rob Walwyn on his incredible images documenting the aftermath of the bushfires that devastated Australia’s east coast in late 2019 and early 2020. Walwyn’s project, "Karrikins," led to his first solo exhibition at the 2021 Head On Photo Festival in Sydney.

Are Kodak’s Price Hikes Going to Ruin Film Photography?

Kodak caused a bit of a stir last month when it announced that there would be some dramatic increases in the price of its film stocks in the near future. What impact will these changes have on the photographic film industry more broadly?

A Modern Approach to Film Photography With Flash

Of course, flash photography existed long before the transition to digital. However, most modern film photography is shot in natural light, whether out of an aesthetic desire or because working with flash and film is a bit of a lost art. Nonetheless, just like digital, flash can open up a lot of creative possibilities, and this excellent video tutorial will show you a modern approach to doing so.

Does Kodak Want You To Buy Film? It Doesn’t Seem So

The popularity of film is on an undeniable upswing. As a result, prices of cameras have crept up and up to a point that one might think that at least film itself can provide some stability. Think again.

Taking Strangers' Portraits on a Large Format Camera

If you enjoy watching portraits taken then this video will be a rare treat for you. One photographer takes an 8x10 large format camera on a number of portrait shoots of strangers and acquaintances.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Versus Polaroid Go: What Is the Best Mini Instant Camera?

Fujifilm has been dominating the instant camera market for quite some time now. The Instax division from Fujifilm is its most profitable sector when it comes to the photography industry. However, a familiar brand called Polaroid is once again on the rise and aims to take its place back on top of the market.

Would You Film Wedding Videos in Super 8?

The Super 8 motion picture film format came out in 1965, and obviously, technology has advanced quite a bit since then. Still, though, there is something to be said for nostalgia, particularly when capturing emotional moments like a wedding. So, should you add it to your services list? This interesting video discusses the idea.

10 Tips for Shooting Polaroids This Fall

Are you even a photographer if you’ve never taken a Polaroid? If you’ve yet to experience the magic of instant photography, or if you’ve been away from the game for a while, there’s good news. The film being produced by Polaroid over the last couple of years is more consistent than it has been for a long time.

Film Photography Photowalk on the Gold Coast

The best thing about starting my film photography podcast, Matt Loves Cameras, three years ago is the connection it’s brought me to the film community. I’ve appeared as a guest on other film photography podcasts, I’ve run competitions, and I’ve produced community photo zines.

Incredible Beach Photos on the Leica M6

Leica branded cameras have very few ‘features.’ Instead, they favor craftsmanship and quality and the Leica M6 is no exception to this.

Genius, Madness, and Obsession: How the Instant Camera Was Invented

You could be forgiven for believing that the requirement for instant gratification is a rather new affliction. However, it's more likely that swift results were gated behind technology and that the few inventions that provided it were well placed for unprecedented success, like the instant camera.

Developing Cyanotypes on Glass

Very often in photography, things go very wrong. In this video, Nicole Small shares her successes and failures in developing cyanotypes.

How Polaroid Made Billions, Lost Billions, and Has Risen Again From the Ashes

The story of Polaroid offers a fascinating insight into the evolution of camera technology. Once a titan of the photographic industry, Polaroid failure to innovate and anticipate the shift to digital led to its bankruptcy, but a return to analog processes has breathed new life into this former giant.

Photographing Strangers on Film

Photography as a job and as a hobby are two very different things. For professional photographers, this distinction means consistently working at their practice, rather than at certain points or only if inspiration strikes.

6 Tips For Getting Started In Street Photography

Street photography is perhaps one of the most celebrated and ubiquitous forms of the art of photography. Names like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, and William Eggleston pervade any list of "greatest photographers of all time," so if you also want to try your hand at it, what is the best way way to approach it?

Shooting Polaroids On The Gold Coast With Lucy Lumen

I was super excited to see a new YouTube channel launch recently that is not only dedicated to film photography, but is produced just down the road from me on Australia’s stunning Gold Coast. I was even more excited when I saw there was a video about shooting Polaroids.

Using a Pinhole Camera to Capture Rural Decay in the United States

One photographer, while on a road trip across part of the U.S, had the chance to try a pinhole camera currently in development. The results are beautiful, and if you enjoy film and large format photography, this is well worth your time.

What Style of Camera Should New Film Photographers Get?

Film photography has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and there are literally hundreds of used film camera models available to choose from, which can lead to a bit of decision paralysis. So, what kind of film camera is right for you? This great video discusses three different kinds of film cameras, their pros and cons, and which is the right kind for you.

Do You Know the Four Factors Affecting Depth of Field?

If you're like most photographers, you think there are three factors affecting depth of field. In that case, you would be incorrect - there are indeed four factors affecting depth of field. Do you know what they are?

Agent Shadow Film From Kosmo Foto Arriving September

Is this the coolest film packaging ever? Kosmo Foto’s new “Agent Shadow” film has been fully funded on Kickstarter with four days to go. The film is scheduled to be shipped from September 2021.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Versus Instax SQ6 Which Is Better?

Fujifilm Instax cameras are some of the most popular instant cameras on the market. In some sense, Fujifilm Instax cameras have revived instant photography. With all the different-sized film and types of cameras available, it can be difficult choosing the right one for you. Here is a comparison that might be of help.

Cheap Film Stocks That Are Surprisingly Good

Film photographers revere only one thing as much as the camera they're shooting with, and that's film stocks. Every film photographer has some favorites, but here are one photographer's picks that won't cost you the earth.

Fashion Photography on a Harshly Lit Helipad Using Film

One of the best parts of photography, speaking from my own experience, is all the amazing creative people I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and all the great places I’ve been able to experience. In this video, Mike Gray really pushes the envelope by creating fashion images under harsh sunlight on a helipad.

The Joy of Shooting With the Mostly Forgotten Medium Format TLR

Most photographers are familiar with three types of cameras: the DSLR, mirrorless, and rangefinder. However, a fourth type, the TLR, offers a completely different and rather fun medium format film shooting experience. Though they have largely been overtaken by other designs, you can still find them on the used market, and this great video shows you the experience of shooting with one.

A Review of the Contax G1

Few camera brands have ever been able to achieve the same reputation that Contax film cameras managed to achieve during the height of film. A large part of that reputation came from the Contax G1.

Thrifting for Film Cameras in Ohio

There's one thing in particular that I'm really looking forward to when I next visit the United States: hunting through thrift stores for bargains. I love all sorts of vintage and retro items, but top of my list is film cameras.

My Favorite 35mm Film Camera I've Ever Used

There are literally thousands and thousands of 35mm film cameras that have been produced over the last 100 years or so, and more are being manufactured even now. However, there's one camera that sits at the top of the tree, at least for me.

5 Reasons To Go Back to Film

I went back to shooting film recently, and I couldn't believe how different the process was. It isn't just taking a photo without the live view screen, it really is a different world. A world that you should experience if you want to improve as a photographer.

Choosing the Right Film Based on Conditions

Unlike digital photography, where pretty much all the style is added in the editing process, in film photography, you are making a significant creative decision the moment you choose which film to put in your camera. So, how do you know which to choose? This interesting video follows a photographer as he discusses shooting the same area with several different films and some of the decisions that go into each shot.