Why Are You Getting Likes On Your Super Old Instagram Photos?

Why Are You Getting Likes On Your Super Old Instagram Photos?

Instagram has been around for a few years now and it comes with no surprise people still want to find new and interesting ways to manipulate and push the limits of how it all works. Though the Instagram algorithm has its secret formula no one can seem to solve they still find ways to get around that, this time it's for fun. Thanks to a handful of advertising specialists and social media experts we now have Likecreeper!

Likecreeper is a new and fun web app created by Chris Baker, Mike Lacher, Brian Moore and Tiger Wang, advertising professionals and pioneers of the anti-social network Cloak. The idea is slightly silly but simple, have people sign up to allow access to your Instagram account and push likes to your friends terrible photos from years past. I have fallen victim to this phenomenon that has hit Instagram over the last few weeks myself. Having my absolutely dreadful photos from over 3 years ago liked and commented on in rapid succession. It was creepy at first as just one person here and there finding my photos and liking them. Though escalated when I began getting hundreds of likes and comments on those said photos.

Even the group of guys that created it seems to understand its stupidity as you can see in the quote below and fun animated graphics on the site. Now that I am getting hundreds of likes on specific photos it might be losing its thunder and becoming more funny rather than creepy. Nonetheess, it's awesome. Overall it's just hilariously good fun. So why not join the fun and sign up?

“We were just laughing one day about how bizarre it is when you get a like on a picture from way back in the day, and thought it would make a hilariously stupid single-serving site,” Baker told Death & Taxes. “So we made it.”

Now I have to warn you, allowing third party apps like this access to your Instagram and social platforms is not the safest of practices in today's standards, so be careful but remember to have some fun.

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so who downloads this creeper app?

Someone that wants to mess with their friends I guess? It seems funny, but I used Instagram quite a bit and know plenty of people this would make for a fun prank type deal

Wait, wait, wait... I'm getting likes from people who are NOT my friends. I'm still creeped out though.

Haha! Yea, guessing folks think its just a fun way to get noticed and will do it with anyone. Or the program just grabs and likes anyone you are following.

So I sign up and let this app like old pics of people I follow so I look like a creeper?