Instagram Stories Now Has the Potential to Help You Go Viral

Instagram Stories Now Has the Potential to Help You Go Viral

Snapchat is fun and all, but Instagram is better. Well, in my eyes, Instagram is better for a few reasons, and I quickly deleted the face-filter app that took up just shy of 1 GB of space on my iPhone because I felt Instagram's version of stories had the greater potential. One of the largest reasons I see more potential in Instagram Stories over Snapchat is the virality and reach my Story can have. Today, Instagram announced they will be adding people's public stories to the Explore page, which will essentially let them be seen by more people. If you have not caught on, this means there's more potential for my stuff to go viral.

Some of the reasons I find Instagram to be better include that I am seeing far better engagement, even on sub-accounts with small followings. I'm also able to upload full-size photos and videos to the story within 24 hours of taking the photo, so I technically don't have to be in the moment to share content immediately, and it shows on the full screen compared to adding a strange white border. Those aren't huge selling points, but damn are they nice for someone wanting to share content on social media today.

Those aside, one of the biggest reasons I find Instagram growing past Snapchat in the form of a better overall experience is the possibility of going viral. With the higher rate of engagement and larger user base, adding public stories to the Explore page will help people find my work (and yours) much faster. ​

If you have yet to adopt the newest feature and are still searching to find reason behind, it I can tell you that it has become a fun and interesting way to engage with your audience in a way that's separate from the professional level of photos on the main page. Showing behind-the-scenes shots, videos, or even future posts for people to vote on via direct messaging are only some of the things that can help your Stories build purpose.

Be sure to hit me up on Instagram, and feel free to ask me any of your Instagram or social media questions. To read more about Instagram's Stories and how to use them, check out their page here.


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Andrew Griswold is a photographer and designer based in Indianapolis. Born and raised in Indy he has made a name for himself by staying very active in the creative community in both photography and design. He has also founded a community of photographers via Instagram connecting them with brands to work with and shoot locally.

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I totally agree! I think Snapchats model obviously was genius and completely inspired IG to start the story feature, however with Instagram you're truly doing something and have potential to reach a new audience. I for the fun of it tried getting advertising info on Snapchat and they aren't even open to working with small companies. They are truly just gearing towards the big ones; starbucks, coca cola etc. I'm in full support of IG's stories going viral!!

I'm having such a hard time getting on board with Snapchat and the new IG Stories feature! One thing IG has going for it though is that I already have the app on my phone, further reducing my interest in ever downloading or using Snapchat

Don't even bother with Snapchat. I believe everyone who is show casing some kind of content for people should be using IG stories.

Snapchat is becoming exactly like Facebook. There is no rich reach of organic people. I always say start an IG over a Facebook. I believe Facebook and Snapchat are for people who have an existing following because you have to tell people to go to it. Where IG anyone can view your photos. You can grow more organically over the snapchat and Facebok. Since IG released the stories mode I am completely done with Snapchat for my work. Its now just personal with my friends from back in the day.

Instagram stories are so much better! On snapchat I would get 60 views per image and now I get 1200+ per snap! There is no comparison :) would love to connect on insta!