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Fstoppers Reviews the Massive 49-inch Curved Samsung Monitor That Is Built for Creatives

Let's address the elephant in the room right off the bat, this monitor is absolutely massive. I have a fairly large desk and plenty of space at home to house this beast but it still seems large when viewing in the open. Though, it really comes down to how well it feels when working on it. To be blunt, it feels freaking amazing.

Fstoppers Reviews the Beautifully Crafted Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC Contemporary Lens

Sigma continues to amaze with their lineup of lenses ,and at the end of the year, I finally got to try out one for the Micro Four Thirds (M43) and Sony E mount system, the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC Contemporary lens for APS-C cameras. I used this on my Olympus OM-D EM5 II for a week in Florida while art-directing a shoot, and overall, I was pleasantly surprised and might pick it up. The build quality, sharpness, and speed mean it might be worth picking up if you shoot either of these systems.

Fstoppers Reviews the Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark III: One of the Most Capable Beginner Cameras

In 2008, Olympus created a camera system in which lenses and camera bodies could be shared between brands and manufactures under what they called the Micro Four Thirds (M43) standard. The system based on the sensor size, a quarter of full frame, is easily one of my favorite to use and wildly underrated. Olympus has released an update to the iconic family with the entry-level OM-D EM10 Mark III that now packs a serious punch for those professional photographers and consumers alike wanting 5-axis stabilization, 121 focus points, and 4K video. They are on the hunt to innovate across the line and it begins with their latest at the beginner level.

How I Use Adobe Stock as a Professional Photographer and Art Director

Let's chat about stock photography. I've used stock sites for nearly a decade while working as a designer and commercial photographer with great success. Most of the options I used in the past left a lot to be desired, which is why last year, I switched over to Adobe Stock. I made the change for many reasons, but the most important was their integration into Adobe Creative Cloud.

Snap Inc. Looking to Start Paying Top Creators

Snap Inc. is still alive and well but they begin to look at new ways to revive its social presence with Snapchat. Snapchat has been getting some bad press for months in the wake of Facebook and Instagram essentially stealing their entire platform and adapting it to their own social networks just over a year ago. Though Snapchat still continues to grow, every so slightly, each quarter with monthly active users they are no match for Facebook and Instagram Stories. Their answer, to begin paying top contributors to the app like YouTube has done with their biggest creators.

Meet Rylo, a Powerful New 360-Degree Camera to Capture That Perfect Cinematic Look

Video is so hot right now. If you are a videographer, you are doing very well with the number of opportunities at your disposal on the freelance and commercial front. If you are a photographer, you have an entire world of chances to jump into the scene quickly, cheaply, and with access to high-quality equipment across the board. What about 360-degree video though? That is where Rylo comes in, a 360-degree camera that claims ultra-smooth cinematic footage for the everyday creative.

Fstoppers Reviews the Very Capable Typhoon H Drone by Yuneec

Do you own a drone? Have you thought about picking one up this holiday season? I can almost guarantee that you have been looking at something by the world leader in drone manufacturing DJI but what if I said you had options? Yuneec exploded on the scene as a real drone competitor with the debut of the Typhoon H with object avoidance which was a game changer for drones at the time. Today, the most popular drones are within the DJI family but Yuneec continues to innovate and build an incredible product easily rivaling that of the now famous Phantom line.

Finally, The Greatest Mobile Photography Lenses are Coming the Galaxy S8

Finally, the greatest mobile lens company is now kicking things off in serious fashion with offering their lenses to more major phone brands. With iPhone being the flagship for the longest time of prime users they are also offering it to the Google Pixel as well as the latest and greatest from Samsung with the Galaxy S8.

How I Shot and Edited This Solar Eclipse Photo Using Only My Phone

Who out there captured the eclipse this week? Did you plan ahead, travel hundreds of miles, purchase the right gear, and capture the phenomenon that is a total solar eclipse for that perfect shot? The photos are coming in by the thousands and each seems to be better than the last. Here is my photo capturing 90 percent coverage of the moon over the sun and also a little behind-the-scenes on how I shot and edited it completely with my phone.

Be Warned, Instagram Controls More Than You Think

Instagram has been a strong tool for many photographers and creatives around the world for nearly seven years, but many still get confused by all the small details you sign yourself up for. The terms of service for many social platforms are a daunting and simple to bypass when clicking to sign on for the first time. Take this as a simple reminder: you want to make sure to at least read through the major bullet points before joining any social platform, as you are signing yourself up for a lot more than you think. Control of who you follow and unfollow could be one of those things you bypass.

First Hands-On Look at the Unreleased RED Hydrogen Smartphone

Here we have our first hands-on look at the upcoming RED Hydrogen smartphone they are preparing to release. As many of you know, RED is known for making high-end cinema cameras, but now they have launched themselves into the deep end of the smartphone world market.

Why 'Valerian' Flopped at the Box Office and How You Can Learn From It as a Creative

The summer box office is a very complex orchestra of films. Filled with independent dramas, giant cast comedies, and huge blockbuster franchises all vying for a spot at the top to profit big on their investments. Sadly for "Valerian," that did not happen over the weekend even though they spent over 180 million to create it. Here is why it flopped and how you can learn from it as a creative.

OnePlus 5 Unboxing and First Look

It was less than a year ago I sat here and told you guys about the brilliant Google Pixel and how it was truly an iPhone killer for those wanting to give Android a go. The way manufacturers are building incredible hardware around Google's Android system is far better than it was years ago, and today OnePlus is doing just that with their brand new OnePlus 5.

How to Vlog Like a Professional with YouTuber Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy is a professional YouTuber and vlogger based out of New York City. She most famously appeared on the scene over a year ago when she knowingly mocked the one and only Casey Neistat with a hilarious video mimicking his style. Her channel has grown in size and so has her professional expertise in the field for both photographers and videographers alike. Her recent series 'How to Vlog' is a four part series in which she explains how to go through every single step from conception, to editing, all the way to uploading, and finally managing that video online. If you are interested in building a brand online, starting a YouTube page, or beginning your own vlog series this is the place to learn how.

Go Behind the Scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Summer is in full swing and that means there's plenty of blockbuster films to see over the next few months. One that my son and I are looking forward to is the next chapter in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise starring Jack Sparrow, aka Johnny Depp, along with returning original cast Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. This is the fifth installment of the franchise and it hopes to breathe a fresh take on the story that brings back key characters from the first couple films. In this video, you get a fantastic glimpse into what makes these movies what they are and it gives you a hint at how they do it.

Instagram is One Step Closer to Killing Snapchat with New Face Filters

Instagram has all but nailed the coffin shut on their Snapchat world domination. First they copied the user interface, then the disappearing messages, and now face filters. Those famous filters that wrap so neatly against your face and what made Snapchat what it is today is now a thing for anyone and everyone on Instagram as well. Have you deleted Snapchat in favor of Instagram yet? Maybe it's time.

Celebrities in Hot Water Over Illegal Instagram Post Activity for Fyre Festival Promotion

I've written about FTC rulings on paid social posts in the past, and most recently here, but we are at it again with one of the biggest fiasco's of the year so far in the form of the Fyre Festival. Celebrities went wild with posts in prep for the music festival set in Bahamas by promoting it and getting paid in excess of $100,000. Though, when the event started to go south and become a complete PR nightmare many celebrities deleted their posts and removed themselves from the issue, but kept the money paid to promote it. Not good.

Fantastic Example of How to Composite and Retouch a Beautiful Product Shoot

In this video, Commercial Photographer Joshua Geiger walks you through how to easily composite and retouch a product shoot using mid to low-range watches, yet brings them to life in a high end way. His technique is fairly simply but the experience he shows in layering his shot and adding texture via smoke and atmosphere is brilliant.

Man's Neighbor Shoots His $3,000 DJI Inspire 2 Drone Out of the Sky

Who here owns a drone? Who here knows every single minute rule, regulation, and flight path allowed to actually fly it personally or commercially? Probably not very many. As the market grows, we find the FAA expanding rulings and steps to go by to make sure you are being safe and responsible when flying these types of devices. Though, even with all those in place we can still find ourselves with a wild neighbor prepared to shoot the thing straight out of the sky with ease.

Breaking Down the Real Hours Needed to Have a Successful Instagram Page

Spoiler alert: building a successful Instagram page takes work. Hard work. I'm sorry, but to be incredibly honest with those that have followed me since the beginning it takes more than a snapshot with my iPhone and hitting the post button. Breaking down the hours and even minutes in my day to show you my process and commitment to the platform will give you an insiders look to the mindset you need to be successful on Instagram.