Meet Rylo, a Powerful New 360-Degree Camera to Capture That Perfect Cinematic Look

Video is so hot right now. If you are a videographer, you are doing very well with the number of opportunities at your disposal on the freelance and commercial front. If you are a photographer, you have an entire world of chances to jump into the scene quickly, cheaply, and with access to high-quality equipment across the board. What about 360-degree video though? That is where Rylo comes in, a 360-degree camera that claims ultra-smooth cinematic footage for the everyday creative. 

Rylo is super portable and connects to a smartphone for easy uploading and edits you can share instantly on social. Footage is shot in 4K at 30 fps with an option for 6K panorama photo capture, so it doesn't only do video. I have been intrigued by video for some time now and this could be a fresh and new way to create some footage in a more smooth cinematic way. The price tag of $499 seems a bit high but in range with many offerings within this class.

Included with Rylo are all the items below, which for many is a great little package considering many options today don't include a case or protective gear at all.

  • Rylo Everyday Case
  • 16 GB microSD card
  • Battery
  • Charge cable
  • Lightning sync cable
  • Protective pouch

Not a bad gadget to add to the mix if you are already in the video game or if you want to jump into it with something cutting edge and new. Started by two of the co-creators of Hyperlapse, the app for Instagram that creates smooth time-lapse footage, it has the brains behind it all.

What do you think? Something to check out or skip? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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