Finally, The Greatest Mobile Photography Lenses are Coming the Galaxy S8

Finally, The Greatest Mobile Photography Lenses are Coming the Galaxy S8

Finally, the greatest mobile lens company is now kicking things off in serious fashion with offering their lenses to more major phone brands. With iPhone being the flagship for the longest time of prime users they are also offering it to the Google Pixel as well as the latest and greatest from Samsung with the Galaxy S8. 

Moment, if you don't know, is a company based out of Oregon making top tier glass for mobile photography lenses. Yes, lenses for your phone. The lenses have almost exclusively been available for iPhone since their debut but quietly added the Google Pixel late last year and it looks like they are already jumping to the latest from Samsung in the S8 and S8+ for those Android users out there. We finally have options!

Their lens options range from macro, 18mm, 60mm, and a fun superfish lens. All of which work with a fairly cheap case they offer in a couple varieties. If you want to see my review of the V1 fisheye lens check it out here. I should have the review of the V2 fisheye along with the 18mm as well so be sure to watch for that in the near future. 

If you want to pick up these lenses you can grab them up on BH both V1 and the recent V2 options, which I will be reviewing very soon. What do you think? Have you heard of Moment? Have you waited with your Android device for these to finally come to market for all? 

[via Moment]

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I use the Moment 18mm on my native 28mm equiv. iPhone 7 camera, and the 60mm on the phone's 2X 56mm equiv. camera. (The Moment case allows either lens to be bayoneted to either camera.) That gives me a huge focal range. Overall I'm very impressed with the low distortion levels that plague the cheaper add-on lenses I've tried.