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Is the Fujifilm GFX 100S Too Much for Weddings? 

I’ll admit I was seduced by digital medium format, with its ridiculous resolution and that “medium format look.” It has been two years of full-time use. Do I still think it was worth it? Better yet, should you drop $10K+ for a medium format digital camera kit?

Why Every Photographer Should Create a Series of Images

I usually don't speak in absolutes, but in this case, I do believe that every photographer should create a series of images at some point. What might surprise you is that the content of the series is wholly unimportant.
Is Photography Dead? The Relentless March of AI

With Adobe's latest beta offering what they call Generative Fill, we're given a very powerful feature that lets us create or undo what is in our images. And I think features like Generative Fill are causing another round of soil searching, praise, and panic from photographers. I've tried to put my own thoughts in order, so I'm humbly sharing them, even though my thoughts will continue to evolve, or maybe devolve. I also wanted to create a forum in comments for your more recent thoughts as AI becomes more and more mainstream.
Why One Photographer Prefers Smaller Cameras

In recent years, we have seen budget full frame cameras become more affordable while medium format prices have become competitive with upper-level full frame options. At the same time, APS-C cameras have continued to grow in capabilities and performance, and micro four thirds is enjoying a resurgence. So, should a new photographer follow the old wisdom of using a larger sensor for the best image quality or consider the benefits of a smaller system? This great video makes a case for the latter.

The Strange Relationship Between Hobbyist Photographers, Professionals, and Influencers

Influencers have invaded just about every space in which there are products for sale. If there is money to be made, there is probably an influencer for it, whether you realize it or not. Photography has not been immune to this, and it has left hobbyist and professional photographers in a strange place. This insightful video essay features a long-time pro discussing the issue and offering his thoughts.

Nobody Cares About Your Photography, and That's OK

OK, now that I have your attention, let's get something out of the way: I'm not trashing your photography. I'm sure it's all fantastic, and I sincerely hope you keep creating those amazing images.

The Best Landscape Camera Ever Made

Bold claims for a title indeed, but as photographers, we've all had the opportunity to try different brands to see which one best meets our individual needs. So, when it comes to forking out your hard-earned cash for something like this, you want to be sure you are making the right decision. I would also like to say at the start, although this is a very positive review of the camera, I wasn't expecting it to be just as good as it is.

Should You Buy the Nikon Z8 or Z9?

After the release of Nikon’s new Z8 mirrorless camera, you may be asking yourself a simple question. Should you get the Z8 or its big brother, the Z9?

Is the Camera a Key to Experiences?

Landscape photographers use a camera to capture stunning images, but have you stopped to think about how the same camera is a key to experiences? A key to new places. A key to new adventures. A key to an enhanced experience with nature. A key to meeting new people.

What Makes You a Successful Photographer? And Do You Even Need to Be One?

You see them all over the internet, on your socials, exhibiting in galleries, and lining up clients by the dozens. Successful photographers seem to have it all figured out, and that makes you feel like you’re doing everything wrong. Do not worry. You’re not alone in this.
A Definitive Guide to Master Your Lenses in 15 Minutes

This is a great video for beginners and experienced photographers alike who are looking to get more out of their gear. In this video, Simon d'Entremont gives a definitive explanation of different lenses and how they can work best for you.

6 Reasons Why Printing Your Photos Is Important

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time taking photos, editing, blogging, and posting them on social media. However, are these photos just meant to be viewed for the 24-hour period (or less) that they're displayed on social media, only to disappear forever? Personally, I believe it’s important to create and share something tangible and special in this digital age of noise and instant gratification. That's why I've started to print my photos, and below are some reasons why you should too.

Stepping Into the World of Street Photography

Although I like photographing people, I never dared to step into the world of street photography. But recently I have tried it a few times, with mixed results. I would like to share my experiences and give some tips for those who like to try this for the first time also.

Will Going Pro Ruin Your Love of Photography?

One of the most common warnings you will hear about going pro as a photographer is that it will ruin your love for the craft. Why is that? Is it true, and if so, what can you do to mitigate that? This excellent video essay features a long-time professional photographer discussing the issue and his experience.

Adapt or Perish: AI Is to Digital What Digital Was to Analog

AI this, AI that. I know, we're all getting a bit fatigued with the conversation. But, the truth is, it is looking as if it will be the next major evolution in many industries, photography included. And so, it's worth reminding ourselves that we must adapt or perish.
Some of the Good and Bad of Each Camera Brand

Photographers and filmmakers have more choices in camera brands than ever before, with standards like Canon and Nikon to more niche options like Pentax. So, which is right for you? This excellent video opinion essay discusses the good and bad of 10 different brands to give a bit of insight into what each manufacturer is doing right and how they might fit your wants and needs.

When Is It Wrong to Upgrade Your Camera Gear?

Talking about camera gear and upgrading has always been a polarizing topic anywhere. We all love our cameras but differing opinions often lead to long discussions. But when is it really acceptable to upgrade?

The Secret to Success in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is arguably one of the most popular genres of photography while also being one of the hardest to find success in. After working full-time in the profession, I've finally found what the secret to success is.
Something to Think About as AI Infiltrates Photography

While the presence of AI in photography has caused anything from fear to excitement, one thing is for sure: it is here to stay and will have a significant impact on the industry in many ways. The interesting video essay discusses the issue and something important to keep in mind as the industry changes and the role of the photographer evolves.

What Would You Like to See From the Next Fujifilm X100 Series Camera?

Fujifilm's X100 series of cameras is now in its fifth generation, and it remains one of the most beloved cameras on the market, all but guaranteeing that we will see a sixth version at some point. What would photographers like to see in the next iteration? This interesting video features a photographer discussing his thoughts on the topic.

Why You Should Use Presets as a Pro Photographer (I Was Wrong)

My first-ever article on Fstoppers condemned the use of presets and inspired photographers to focus on creating their own color grades and styles. Looking back, I still stand by some of those points, but not all of them. You see, while using presets is bad, creating your own presets might actually be beneficial to your photography and editing workflow.

Is Creativity in Photography Being Destroyed?

Camera technology has advanced at a breakneck pace in the last decade, and now, we are on the doorstep of an AI revolution that will cause a fundamental shift in the way we work with, and in some cases, even in the way we create images. And while many of those tools have made our lives easier, they have arguably also sapped creativity from a lot of the craft. Have we lost the fundamental aim of photography? This fantastic video essay discusses the issue.

Why One Photographer's Favorite Portrait Option Is the 35mm Lens

When it comes to portraiture, for the most part, 85mm is the traditional choice, with focal lengths around that number also seen as alternatives, such as 50mm, 100mm, and 135mm. 35mm is often used for portraiture, though it is rarely thought of as a primary option, being just a little wide for closer shots. Nonetheless, one well-known portrait photographer actually prefers 35mm above all other focal lengths, and this great video shares why, along with a wide range of images demonstrating its benefits.

Are the Latest Camera Technologies Bad for Photography?

There have been some magnificent improvements in the abilities of cameras over the last few years, not least in lenses and camera focusing systems. The technical advancements have almost taken camera skills out of our hands. But is this good or bad for photography?

Have Photo Conferences Fully Recovered From COVID?

It’s no secret that COVID put a bit of a damper on anything in person, especially large group gatherings, like conferences and trade shows. But as time has moved on, has the photo conference world fully recovered?

Is Your Photography Suffering From the Region-Beta Paradox?

Has your improvement trajectory in photography begun to level off? Do you find yourself feeling a little jaded and uninspired? There is a paradox that might resonate with your current situation and if it does, it holds the keys to propelling yourself forward.
The Usability of the Canon EOS R5’s IBIS High Resolution Option

The firmware update version 1.8.1 offered Canon EOS R5 users the ability to capture a stunning 400-megapixel image. You may ask yourself if this has any real benefit over the standard 45-megapixel resolution, but it’s nice to have. How useful is the option in real life? Let’s find out.

What Is Art?

We all know what art is, right? Or maybe not.

The Oversaturation of Photography: Is Social Media Killing the Photographer's Eye?

Without a doubt, social media has revolutionized the experience, dissemination, and even creation of photographs. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have leveled the playing field in a lot of ways, allowing photographers to instantly share their work with hundreds or thousands of followers. Combined with the availability of high-quality cameras in smartphones and social media algorithms, the number of images disseminated to the world has absolutely exploded. Despite this democratization of the craft, has social media actually diminished the value of photography?

Thoughts on the Impact of AI on the Photography Industry

AI has been the talk of the town around the photography industry for a few months now, with opinions ranging from it being a fantastic tool that will significantly reduce and streamline photographers' workflows to it being the death knell of many parts of the industry. This interesting video essay features an experienced commercial photographer offering some more pragmatic and balanced thoughts on how AI will change the industry.

Shutterfest 2023: Unlocking the F.U.N.damentals of Photography

Shutterfest stands out as my favorite photography conference to attend each year! As I write this, I am wrapping up day three of the affair. I always look forward to the various workshops, lectures, and unique experiences available throughout this fun-filled event like no other.

Photographers and The Cost Of Living Crisis: Can We Really Survive?

In the land of the photographer, times are harder than ever before, with companies ending their contracts at lower levels and shoots being less available, with budgets cut and a huge number of working photographers facing hard times. With all this uncertainty in the world, can we really survive doing what we love and live comfortably?

The Importance of the Everyday: Why I Shoot Street as a Pro

Street photography is a realm of photography that carries enormous weight. A genre derived from some of the world's photographic pioneers — the big names. The generations taking cameras to the front lines of war, documenting death, destruction, humility, and the human spirit, and bringing it home to document the everyday. It’s a genre of photography like no other, and here’s why you should be shooting it.

How You Can Take a Break From Photography and Still Build Your Business

Being a professional photographer can be extremely demanding and can easily lead to burnout and/or a loss of passion for the craft. And yet, many professionals persevere into that dangerous territory out of the need to constantly churn out fresh material. It does not always have to be that way, though. This interesting video features a seasoned professional discussing how he stepped away from his camera for a couple of months but still moved his business forward.