With Trump Threatening to Track Protestors Down, Should Photojournalists Show Faces in Photos?

I’ve covered protests in my time as a photojournalist and photojournalism educator, and there are always a chorus of conspiracy theorists postulating that by posting photos that show protestors’ faces, you’re setting them up to later be hunted down and killed and/or imprisoned. The thing is, a leaked phone call on Monday of President Donald Trump talking to the nation’s governors has all but confirmed that this is happening, or at least that the ostensible leader of the U.S. government wants this to happen.

Don't Be a Photography Snob

Photography seems particularly prone to creating an air of snobbery around it for a variety of reasons, and it can impede us in lots of ways. This great video discusses the problem, and it poses some greats points I am sure a lot of us will agree with.