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Why Boudoir Photography Will Survive the AI Revolution

Could you imagine uploading a few selfies to a random website and having it generate hundreds of naked photos of you? That sounds terrifying. Today, let's talk about how AI could upend various photography genres and why boudoir photography will be one of the exceptions.

Things Photographers Hate

As a photographer, you’re likely driven by passion and a desire to capture compelling images. However, the path to a thriving photography career is often paved with challenges and frustrations. Understanding and navigating these pitfalls can significantly contribute to your success.

How Committing To a Routine Can Make You a Better Artist

When you are trying to build yourself into the artist you want to be, a little ordinary can help you do the extraordinary.

As I’m sitting down to write this, I’ve just had a quick peek over at the clock in the upper right-hand corner of my screen. It has just rounded 5:43 am, and I’ve already been at work long enough to have long forgotten about the sleep I wiped from my eyes when I rolled out of bed. To some, this might seem like an early time. Others might be wondering why I slept in so late. The exact time on the clock isn’t important. What is important is that this...

A Photographer's Quest for The Elusive Dream Camera

The perfect camera is a subjective concept, as each photographer has unique needs and preferences. What works for one photographer may not work for another, making the search for the "perfect camera" a personal journey.

How To Survive Technological Changes as an Artist

With new technology being invented seemingly every day with the power to upend our profession, it’s easy to become despondent about the future of our art form. Luckily, there is one fundamental advantage we hold which cannot be engineered out of existence.

Don't Fall for the Shallow Depth of Field Trap

Depth of field is a fundamental concept that can dramatically impact the quality and storytelling of your images. It's not just about blurring the background; it's about thoughtfully controlling what elements are in focus and how they relate to each other within the frame.

The Case for DSLRs in a Mirrorless World 

DSLRs offer photographers numerous advantages in 2024, and the availability of high-quality DSLRs at affordable prices, coupled with a vast selection of lenses, makes them an attractive option for photographers seeking exceptional value.

The Future of Technology and the Art of Photography

As technology in photography continues to evolve at a rapid pace, many photographers find themselves grappling with the implications of these advancements. While some embrace the new tools and possibilities, others express concerns about the potential impact on the art form itself.

Can You Learn Everything About Landscape Photography From YouTube?

YouTube has made it easier to improve your landscape photography. Videos are available about any facet of the topic you could want to explore. Are you confused about a technique? There is a video for it. But can you really learn everything about landscape photography from YouTube?

A Look at the State of Street Photography: A Sea of Clichés?

The ability to capture the essence of humanity in a single frame is what draws many to street photography. However, the genre often finds itself trapped in repetitive patterns and clichés, hindering photographers from expressing their unique perspectives.

The Worst Advice You've Been Given as a Photographer

As a follow up to my article on the best advice in respect of turning pro, I thought it would be fun to dig into the worst advice we've ever received as photographers. As Oscar Wilde wrote, "one might consider always passing on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself." So, what's some of the worst photography advice you've ever received?

Achieving the Film Look With Digital Tools

The desire to capture the unique aesthetic of film photography remains strong among photographers, even in our digital age. While the convenience and flexibility of digital cameras are undeniable, the distinct colors, grain, and overall feel of film hold a certain allure.

Canon's Smart Move With Sigma and Tamron Shakes Up the APS-C Lens Market

The recent introduction of new lenses for Canon's RF-S mount by third-party manufacturers Sigma and Tamron is a significant development for the industry. These lenses, all designed for APS-C format cameras, are a significant development that reveals Canon's strategic approach to its mirrorless camera lineup.

Why You Should Buy This Camera Instead

The Fuji X100VI has been riding shotgun on the hype train since its announcement. And while it's a good camera, this camera is better.

You've Been Lied To: Gear Matters!

You can find many articles online that state "Gear doesn't Matter." Some point out that constraints created by the limitations of your equipment force you to become more creative and present an opportunity for growth. And that's true. But the statement "Gear doesn't Matter" is not true.

Navigating the Evolution of WPPI: A Strategic Guide for Modern Photographers

The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference stands as a beacon for both emerging talent and seasoned professionals. With the photography industry witnessing rapid changes in technology, style, and business practices, WPPI's role in a photographer's career has sparked intriguing discussions.

Why Perfect Photos Are Boring

We often find ourselves chasing perfection, striving for flawless compositions and technically impeccable images. But what if there's more to capturing a moment than achieving technical mastery? What if embracing imperfection is the key to creating truly compelling photographs?

Pick Up Your Cameras: Photography Is Good for Your Health

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding avenues for relaxation, exercise, and enjoyment is crucial for maintaining mental and physical well-being. Photography is a practice that can be more than just a hobby or a profession but also a therapeutic tool. This article discusses how photography can add value, peace, and well-being into your life.

What's The Best Advice for Turning Pro as a Photographer?

We've all needed help on the path to becoming photographers. Did some great advice help get you there? Advice may help you out of a bind or may help you to understand something you can't quite get the hang of. Of course, advice may also lead you down the wrong road. So, once you receive advice, you have to determine the value of the guidance. Is it good or bad advice? I asked a few photography colleagues to share the best advice they've received on turning pro. I'd love to hear about good advice you've been given, or good advice you'd like to share on turning pro.

The Power of Classic Digital Cameras

Diving into the archives reveals a compelling truth: older digital cameras, often dismissed in the race for megapixels and modern features, hold a lot of value for today's photographers. Here's why you shouldn't overlook them.

The Importance of Embracing Mistakes in Photography

The art of photography thrives not just on the celebration of successes but equally on the acknowledgment and analysis of failures. Understanding what doesn't work in one's photography can be as crucial as recognizing what does, providing valuable insights for personal growth and style development.

You Are Missing Out by Ignoring an Important Approach to Photography

If you want to elevate it to a higher level, then there is an essential approach to your photography that you should embrace. Known for thousands of years, but nonetheless elusive, here's an approach to photography you can adopt, used by masters in all fields.

Do You Really Need a Graphics Tablet for Editing Photos?

Navigating the vast array of tools in the digital art and photo editing landscape can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to deciding on the necessity of a graphic tablet. Do you really need one? This insightful video will help you decide.

Gatekeeping in Landscape Photography: Good or Bad?

Whether to share locations in landscape photography is a frequent topic of discussion in landscape photographer communities. People get frustrated when they ask where a photo was taken and the photographer won’t tell them. Are they gatekeeping, or are they trying to protect the natural landscape?

A Superior Way You Can Compare Camera Lenses

When manufacturers give specifications of lenses, there is a lot of detail that is meaningless to many consumers of their products. When we writers review them, we tend to give the same information. Here’s a method I think would be much more helpful to most photographers.

I Tried Landscape Photography, Became Bored, and Came to an Important Realization

If you've followed my writing, you'll know that I rarely pick up my camera if I don't have a contract attached to the action. Call it the joys and perils of being a commercial photographer. You get paid to do what you love, yet your love morphs into a duty and can lose its allure. This is why I surprised myself on my recent work trip to California.

The Best Source Of Advice For Your Photography Career

In a world overwhelmed with photography advice on YouTube, Instagram, or even articles like this one, it can be hard to know whose guidance to trust when building your career. However, chances are, you may be overlooking the most valuable source of input that will always guide you in the right direction.

Why Micro Four Thirds Systems Remain Viable for Today's Photographers

Micro Four Thirds (MFT) systems continue to be a compelling choice for many photographers and videographers, despite the industry's lean towards larger sensor formats. The affordability, compactness, and broad lens selection of MFT cameras offer a unique blend of benefits, particularly for those focused on portability and cost efficiency without compromising on image quality.

Why Do Photographers Love Fujifilm?

Fujifilm has carved a unique niche in the photography industry, capturing the interest of both professional and amateur photographers worldwide. Their journey, from the production of their first camera, the Fujica 6, to their latest digital innovations, illustrates a commitment to innovation and quality that has consistently set them apart.

When to Invest in New Camera Gear

The question of whether to upgrade camera gear is a perennial dilemma for photographers, balancing the allure of new technology against the practicalities of their craft and budget. This decision is one that requires considerations of cost, technological advancements, and the genuine need versus the desire for the latest.

Film Recipes: A Shortcut to Nostalgia or a Creative Dead End?

The art of translating the nostalgic essence of film into digital photography has gained momentum, bridging the gap between analog textures and the precision of modern technology. Are presets and recipes a shortcut to this nostalgia, or do they stifle creativity?

You Don't Need That Camera, Honestly

"If only I had that camera," we often tell ourselves, thinking that magically our photography is finally going to transcend to a whole new plane of perfection where our creativity will feel no restrictions and our photographs will carry no flaws. We've all felt this at least once, often more.

How Increasing Smartphone Screen Sizes Are Shaping Photography Trends

The small flagship phone, once a coveted niche in the smartphone market, has officially become extinct. This transition marks a significant shift in consumer preferences and manufacturing trends, underscoring a broader evolution within the tech industry that directly impacts photographers and visual content creators who rely on their smartphones for on-the-go shooting and editing.

Should All Photographers Have a YouTube Channel?

Like many photographers around the world, I watch a lot of YouTube. Whether it's for inspiration, gear reviews, news, or beautiful cinematics, YouTube has changed the photography world. But should you start your own channel? Join me as I discuss some of the good reasons you should.

Learning to Embrace Hard Light

Early in my photographic career, I was really into hard light in my photos, but at a point, I started opting for really soft, diffused light, that is until recently. I’ve recently revisited using hard light, and here’s how it has shifted my photography.

Do You Need a Medium Format Camera?

The shift to medium format photography can mark a significant milestone for a landscape photographer, but it's also very expensive to do so. Do you really need to do so