The Best Four Lenses for Food Photography

When shopping for lenses, you may notice that certain lenses are classified or even recommended for a certain genre of photography. You might see sports, travel, wedding, or even wildlife as the typical use of some lenses. What if you are looking to get into or already shoot food photography, what lenses should you be looking at?

Industry News Roundup and AI in Photography

Today we've got some industry news roundup via Jared Polin complete with his traditional “sarcasm above all else” approach. As an added bonus, we're treated to the reminder that technology companies out there are steadily working on AI programs that will eventually replace everything creative and useful about us.

Social Deconstruction: Why Photography Should Always Be for You

There is something to be said about social media for photography. Apps and sites like Instagram, 500px, and Flickr have way of tapping into our innate drive to create work that satisfy others. When treated right, social media can keep you motivated to produce. This week's article is about how keeping up the production rate is no measure for creating from the heart. Photography should, at least in the first place, be for you.

There Are Only Two Types of Photographs

Photography can be split into two different categories. On the one side, photography is used to document something for your memories, like the photos your parents took of you when you were a baby. On the other, photography is used to document something for the purpose of sharing and for others to see.