What Is the Best Camera You Should Buy?

This is probably one of the more frequent questions that I hear. For the most part, I get asked this question by beginner photographers, which is fine of course. Unfortunately, it's not always easy for me to give a straight answer, because there are a lot of factors to consider. Despite this, I think this video may help provide some answers.

Instagram’s Problem With Fake Users Might Be Much Bigger — and Far Darker — Than You Think

In August last year, IG Audit — a free web app that allows you to check the authenticity of an Instagram user’s followers — went viral on a wave of press centered around Instagram’s fake follower problem. Just one month later, Facebook’s lawyers abruptly forced the website offline, and IG Audit’s Instagram account of 20,000 followers was deleted. These aggressive moves might be hints of a scandal that Instagram is trying to keep quiet.

PSA: Don’t Make the Mistake of Lowering Your Prices When Business Resumes

The draw to lower your prices will be just as strong as the economy is weak, but while that may be good for new business volume, here’s why you should stay firm on existing business, even as rescheduling occurs. Don't know how to handle that? I also have a few tips for what to say to your clients to avoid falling into the trap of discounting services to the point of driving yourself further into debt.

The Love-Hate Relationship With Lightroom

There is no doubt that a lot of photographers have strong opinions about Lightroom, but it remains the standard application for cataloging photos and performing basic global edits for a lot of creatives. This great video discusses three things one photographer loves about the program and three things he hates.