Fantastic Example of How to Composite and Retouch a Beautiful Product Shoot

In this video, Commercial Photographer Joshua Geiger walks you through how to easily composite and retouch a product shoot using mid to low-range watches, yet brings them to life in a high end way. His technique is fairly simply but the experience he shows in layering his shot and adding texture via smoke and atmosphere is brilliant. 

Geiger has built quite the collection of incredibly useful and informative videos on YouTube for his process and commercial work tips and tricks. Having found his page around a year ago via Fstoppers it was a welcomed treat to see how easily he was able to create such high-end shots. 

In this breakdown he walks through layering a shot and framing the perfect composition for three watch faces by adding texture and smoke. Those elements bring such a fantastic contrast to the clean and stark lines of the watch faces while also giving more focus to them as well. His addition of smoke is quite interesting as he uses quite a few shots to layer that in and picking and choosing where to mask in or out through the frame. You can see exactly how he builds this shot in studio in an earlier video below. 

If you want to see more from Geiger, you can check out his Fstoppers portfolio as well as more tutorials and behind the scenes on his YouTube channel.

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