Behind the Scenes of Michael Herb's Test With Westcott's Zeppelin: "Desert Warriors"

Las Vegas based commercial photographer Michael Herb recently got his hands on Westcott's 59 inch Zeppelin  to test out on location in the Nevada desert. The photoshoot featured three models in an apocalyptic theme at a salt lake bed. In the behind the scenes video he shows just how difficult it can be to put together the Zeppelin on the separately purchased speedring. Even with the problems at set-up Michael still quite enjoyed shooting with the Zeppelin and plans to use it in the future.  

I get a lot of comments about how little gear I actually use. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not the 3 speed light photographer or the guy who only carries a reflector!  I have just enough to get the job done, yet just a bit too much to make it through airport security without a hassle! The zeppelin was one of those pieces of gear that I just had to try for myself. Although when Westcott asked me to review it I immediately said to myself, 'I'm not going to go at this half cocked' I love any excuse to take things to the next level! 

I think it's pretty safe to say that Westcott saw a market for a deep parabolic where the only real competition was a parabolic that costs nearly that of a car. The Zeppelin isn't cheap but it definitely doesn't take a credit approval and 20 signatures to acquire! This makes it more obtainable for the majority of photographers.  It's not for all shots or occasions and will quickly turn into an insurance claim if not sand bagged. Other than being a Versatel modifier that spreads light beautifully, it does create a bit of shock and awe for those uptight clients who expect a dog and pony show! It serves as a great land mark for those remote shoots "just look for the big black blimp on the horizon!"  It can even be used as a temporary shelter or a changing tent for tiny models! - Michael Herb







You can find Michael on:

Facebook: /michaelherbphoto
Twitter: @mherbphoto
Youtube /mherb204

Featuring models: Bernadette Mackey, Tank Bilt and Sara X

Music used with Permission from Yirsi -
Red Camera provided and operated by Brandon Binford
BTS footage Captured by Ortiz Productions
Edited by: Michael Herb
Digital Supervisor: Joyce Chanel
Weapons Expert and Saftey: O'D O'donnell
Foley Artist: Thomas Shannon
Makeup: Katie Jacobs
Wadrobe: Cari Byers, Michael Herb & Tank Bilt
Location Base Camp and Vehicles Provided by: Hogue Motorsports

Filmed entirely in Boulder City, NV.


All images used with permission. 

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Rebecca Britt is a South Texas based commercial, architectural and concert photographer. When she's not working Rebecca enjoys spending time with her two daughters, playing Diablo III, and shooting concerts (Electronic Dance Music). Rebecca also runs the largest collective of EDM (electronic dance music) photographers on social media.

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Great shots , but I would like to see what the shots look like before he applied the HDR.

Michael, thanks for providing the link. Awesome stuff!

I've noticed that resizing (for web; instagram is really bad at this) artificially increases the HDR-ness (+microcontrast, +detail, etc)... I bet at full resolution, they're perfect.


Great work. Where did you get a Buff speedring for this beast.

Nice mood and scenery, few good angles - but HDR is pretty bad

tasty chef Peirre lol, great stuff Michael!