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Make a Monster Splash With High-Speed Flash Photography

Go behind the scenes with photographer Thierry Kuba to observe how he lights, shoots, and edits this high-speed flash project with water splashes. Learn the techniques he uses, listen to discussion of his mistakes, and take in all of his tips and tricks along the way.

Using a Nikon Z30 for Landscape Photography

Everyone likes to talk about gear, moving to a full frame camera, getting the newest camera, more megapixels, and so on. It is easy to think that you can’t take good pictures without the right gear. In this video, we see someone move from using their Nikon Z7 to using their Nikon Z30 more often.

Hiking With One Lens for Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers often find themselves hiking longer distances or on routes with significant elevation changes. Decisions about what camera gear to carry can influence the hike's success, both in reaching the destination and photography results. Is there a one lens solution for these hikes?

Is Less Camera Gear Better for Your Landscape Photography?

Do you ever feel like you carry too much camera gear when out practicing landscape photography? A camera bag, a camera body, a trio of lenses, batteries, filters, a tripod, maybe a drone or action cam: it all adds up. This video looks at taking a minimal approach and some of the advantages that it brings.

A Colorful DIY Photoshoot Backdrop Under $25

Sometimes, the simplest ideas can create some really cool images. Here’s how I created a fun and colorful DIY photoshoot backdrop for less than $25.

Crazy Cosmic Photoshoot Using Metallic Spandex

Can metallic spandex work in a photoshoot? See how we built an entire photography set using metallic spandex and some of the challenges we faced along the way.
Portrait Shoot With the Diana Instant Square Camera

I was challenged to photograph a portrait shoot on another random camera, but this one was really not what I was expecting. How do you take artistic portraits using an instant camera?

How to Light a Painterly Style Portrait

If you want to create a timeless portrait with artificial lighting, you need to know which lights to use, which modifiers, and how to set them all up. Luckily for you, this video gives you a walkthrough of everything you need to recreate a stunning portrait.
Cyanotype Printing: Is It Photography, and How Do You Do It?

Explore the Art of the Cyanotype. In this article, we examine the step-by-step process of cyanotype printing and its place within the realm of photography. You can decide for yourself if you agree whether this is a photographic medium or not.

How to Take Beautiful Senior Portraits

If you are looking to take some portraits of your senior, or are looking to pick up some work in that area, this video gives you some great tips and a behind-the-scenes look at a senior shoot.
First Time Astrophotography for Complete Beginners

Astrophotography is one of those genres that few photographers have actually tried. It can be difficult, it can be intimidating, but it's highly rewarding, and you don't need a lot to get started. This video shows Lizzie Peirce's first-ever attempt with the help of friend and fellow photographer, Sam Lydya Smith.
Working With What You Have

As a photographer, you don’t always get a great studio or a perfect location for your shoot. Sometimes, you have to work with what you have. This is a great video to show you just that.
How to Photograph Landscapes Outside the Golden Hour

Bright and sunny skies, or bluebird skies, as some call them, are the bane of landscape photographers. Or are they? We’ve all been taught to seek out the “good” light of golden hour or dramatic skies. This video talks about how to walk away with great images even on those sunny, cloudless days.

Mimicking the Look of a High-End Campaign With No Budget

Many of the most expensive shoots spend inordinate amounts of money on incredible locations, models, and photographers. But, if you're willing to accept models that aren't A-list celebrities, you might be able to recreate the same standard without being bankrolled.
Abstract Photography Tips to Improve Your Compositions

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stuck when composing a landscape photography scene? Having some tips on what to look for can help if you are stuck. This video looks at the world of abstract photography as a way to find scenes and compositions.

5 Photographers Shoot the Same Models at the Same Location

It doesn't matter how many variables you match, when you pit creatives against one another, the results will invariably be distinct. In this video, five photographers all shoot the same models in the same location, and the results are exactly that: distinct.
Behind the Scenes of Bird Photography in Scotland

Bird photography is a challenging discipline to master and it's even more difficult when you are in locations that have erratic and invasive weather. In this video, Brent Hall goes to Scotland to shoot birds on cliffs and in rivers, with Scottish weather behaving exactly as it always does: poorly.
A Journey Into Kodak's Film Factory: Part 3

This is the last of three videos that dive deep into how Kodak makes film for your cameras. In this third video, we get a peek into how the large, wide rolls of light-sensitive film that were made in the previous stages are now cut into narrower strips and packaged for us to use!

Incredible Bird Photographer Shares Her Secret Tips

Bird photography is one of the most beloved subgenres of the craft and one of the most difficult. In this video, a professional bird photographer goes through her best tips on how you can capture some beautiful images of our feathery friends.
$50 Versus $5,000 Camera in a Car Shootout

We've all heard the age-old adage that gear doesn't matter and sometimes that's true. However, it's sometimes hard to visualize how that plays out and so videos like this one are a great demonstration.
Tips for Better Landscape Photos in New Locations

Do you struggle with your landscape photography when at a new location? It can be challenging when you are photographing a new area. You don’t have a go-to composition, you don’t know when the light is best, and so on. This video walks through how one photographer approaches a new location.

Minimalist Photography in the Middle of a Desert

There are a lot of beautiful places for photography, but typically we envision locations teaming with life, greenery, and complexities. Well, deserts are stunning locations in their own right, and this video shows how it can be the case.
2 Photographers Go Head-to-Head Shooting With Only Hard Reflectors

Profoto sets a challenge for photographers, Chris Knight and Lindsay Adler, to orchestrate a portrait shoot with some limitations: the color theme of the shoot is the Pantone Color of the Year and although each photographer can use as many lights as they like, they have to use hard reflectors.
BTS of a Stunning Music Video in a Modest Location

An incredible location for our shoots is all we want, but with enough creativity and experience, you can transform even a humble place into something special. In this video, YCImaging shows how he shot a cinematic music video without any obscure or expensive locations.
50mm Versus 85mm: Side-by-Side Lens Comparison for Portraits

There are several focal lengths that have become staples for portrait photography and both 50mm and 85mm are two right at the top of the list. If you are in the market for a portrait lens, however, which is best for you? This video might help.
10 Simple Portrait Lighting Setups for You to Try

There are myriad ways you can light your subject in portraiture, and whether you're jaded by your go-to setup, or overwhelmed as to where to start, this video can help you add some more styles to your arsenal.

How to Overcome Winter Burnout

If you find yourself struggling during the colder, darker seasons, you're far from alone. In this video, Aidin Robbins goes through how he combats winter burnout and how you can, too.

Easy and Creative Tips for Filming Yourself

Whether you don't have anyone to help you on a shoot, or you're filming a vlog, sometimes you need to be on the other side of the camera. Here are some tips on how to make that footage the best it can be.

See How an Advanced Modern Lens Is Made

Modern camera lenses are small marvels, absolutely packed with technology and intricate, precise machinery. Rarely do we get a chance to look inside them, however. This neat video takes you inside one of Fujifilm's manufacturing plants to see how they put together one of their newest and most advanced lenses, the XF 150-600mm f/5.6-8 R LM OIS WR.

Testing the Sigma 65mm f/2 for Portraits

If you're a portrait photographer, you'll know the feeling of getting a new lens and going on your first portrait shoots with it. That feeling was strong for me over a decade ago and it's just as strong now!

Behind the Scenes of a Landscape Shoot at Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is one of the most iconic locations on the planet and it is often photographed. However, shooting it at sunrise, in the fog, and with a drone are three slightly rarer occurrences, and all feature in this video!

Autumn Portraits in Tokyo With the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG DN

There are few better feelings than a great lens, a great model, and a great location. In this video, go behind the scenes with Mitch Lally as he roams an autumnal Tokyo taking portraits with a much sought-after Sigma prime.