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The Walmart Photo Challenge

Today I bring you a hilarious photoshoot challenge called The Walmart Photo Shoot. Pye Jirsa and I battle head to head to see who can take the best looking images all while using $100 worth of clothing bought from Walmart. To make it even harder, none of the images can be Photoshopped either!

Model Versus Slime: Using Slime in a Photoshoot

Doing a photoshoot with slime was my Nickelodeon-inspired childhood dream come true. We used 20 gallons of blue slime in this shoot, and it created some wild photos.

This $35 Wannabe Fujifilm Camera Is Something Else

Discovering a $35 knockoff of the Fujifilm X100V that claims to shoot 48-megapixel images and 4K video seems like a dream come true for budget-conscious photographers. However, as the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

'Psychotic' Photographer Edits All His Photos on the Background Layer

Tallahassee, Florida: In a move that's left the digital art world reeling with horror, local photographer Benny "One Layer" Johnson has confessed to a practice that's nothing short of digital heresy: he edits all his photos exclusively on the background layer in Photoshop.

Photographer Finally Admits: 'Honestly, I'm Just Taking Pictures'

Portland, Oregon: In an unexpectedly candid turn for the new year, local photographer Jack Bennett has resolved to ditch the artistic jargon and admit he's simply "taking pictures." This straightforward declaration is causing quite the stir in a community known for its often grandiloquent descriptions of their craft.

Photographer Revolutionizes Technique by Holding Lens Wrong Way, Sparks Outrage and Confusion

Los Angeles, CA: In a bold move defying decades of established practice, local photographer Max Carter has turned the photography world upside down—literally—by opting to hold his camera lens over the top, instead of the traditional support from underneath. This unconventional technique has sparked a mixture of outrage, confusion, and reluctant admiration within the photography community.

Photographer Switches to JPEG and Is Impeached by Local Club

Seattle, WA: Local photographer Wyatt Jones recently decided to switch from shooting in raw to JPEG format in an effort to spend less time editing images. However, he soon discovered he was spending even more time explaining his decision to horrified fellow photographers who were developing negative opinions.

7 Rite of Passages Photographers Go Through

There are some shots, shoots, or situations that are simply a rite of passage for photographers learning the craft. Here are seven examples most photographers have experienced. How many have you gone through?
Wildlife Photography Challenge in London

Despite being an incredibly large and busy city, London has some very interesting and special wildlife, which you can see all year round. In this video from Harry Read and Edwin Towler, the lads have been given a list of twelve species to locate and photograph in one single day!

5 James Bond Secrets to Protein Bars for Photographers

Hold on to your taste buds, folks, because we're about to embark on a deliciously hilarious journey through the secrets of protein bars! Get ready to discover the five covert tricks that turn these humble snacks into protein-packed wonders that would make even James Bond jealous. So, grab your fork and knife (yes, we take protein bars seriously), put on your best British accent, and let's uncover these delectable secrets and how they can help you overcome the hunger pains that might force you back home and miss that banger shot.

My Fujifilm GFX 100 Mistake

The Fujifilm GFX 100 was released four years ago, and a replacement model is most likely coming out soon. Even so, I have been wanting to try out this 102 megapixel behemoth for a long time, and I was recently able to get one on loan from Fujifilm for review. After testing the camera, I realize that it was a mistake, and in this video, I tell you why.

Nobody Cares About Your Photography, and That's OK

OK, now that I have your attention, let's get something out of the way: I'm not trashing your photography. I'm sure it's all fantastic, and I sincerely hope you keep creating those amazing images.

16mm Portraiture: How Wide Is Too Wide?

Utter the words "16mm" when talking about focal length, and the first thing we think of is the dreaded distortion. But it doesn't always need to be such a bad thing! All-encompassing images can be an incredibly satisfying way of shooting. So, why do we fear the dreaded distortion in our images?

Photographers and The Cost Of Living Crisis: Can We Really Survive?

In the land of the photographer, times are harder than ever before, with companies ending their contracts at lower levels and shoots being less available, with budgets cut and a huge number of working photographers facing hard times. With all this uncertainty in the world, can we really survive doing what we love and live comfortably?

The Rolleiflex Digital TLR That Was Too Good To Be True

A few weeks ago, an intriguing "Coming Soon" tweet popped up in my Twitter feed, teasing the announcement of a new Rolleiflex digital TLR. I gave the tweet a like and followed the account since the idea of a twin lens digital camera sounded interesting, although strange, and thought little of it until the account issued another tweet titled "My Apology."

If Camera Brands Were People

Likely the most controversial topic in the photography world is which camera brand is best. What if you took those brands and personified them into a conversation with each other?

The Canon 5D Mark II: The Relic Still Flying the Flag in a Mirrorless World

DSLR fashion has plummeted in recent years. The perks of mirrorless tech continue to exceed expectations, pushing boundaries and leaving their clunky, slower siblings in their shiny, space-age wake. But does any of that really matter in the commercial photographic world? Well, no, not really. In 2023, £250 will still have your images contending with ones from bodies 10 times the price.

A Week in the Life of a Professional Photographer: What Does It Really Take?

What does it really take to get by in an industry where any Tom, Dick, and Harry has it in them to harvest likes on images like basking sharks devouring krill? Who’s doing it better? Well, everyone, right? What’s happening, day to day, week to week in the life of an active professional photographer? Well, I’m laying it all on the line. Telling it like it is. Here’s a desperately honest account of what happens in an average week for me, an honestly average photographer.

Instagram: Give It Up Right Now and Achieve Enlightenment

Addiction. Hedonism. Chasing the dopamine hit. Just another taste. Just one more like. Ok, maybe 10, then I’m done. I swear it’s all I need! Here’s what I’m doing. Here’s what I’ve done. Here’s who’s doing this and hey, look, I’m present. Lifting the lid on the banality of everyday life. Journalists of the quotidian. Instagram is not what it used to be. We can all agree to that. And no truer is that than from the perspective of the humble photographer. Surely, it’s time to grow up, isn’t it?

The Jack of All Trades Photographer: What’s the Problem?

They say variety is the spice of life and in the world of the freelance photographer, a broad and knowledgable skill set goes a long way. So, why does knowing your way around a multitude of photographic genres breed so much disrespect in the professional world?

Sony Versus Canon: An AI Encounter

With AI being all the rage lately, I thought I would test run a plot generator story of Canon versus Sony. I put in some spicy adjectives and plotted the main storyline: the photographers cross paths at the Imagining USA Nikon booth, and I let AI write a plot that will have you both roaring with laughter and fuming with offense. Grab your popcorn, and enjoy a good laugh.

iPhone Versus DSLR: The Ultimate Real-world Test

Every year, mobile camera technology improves, and every year, I see more articles comparing phones to professional cameras. I decided to carry out my own comprehensive test to finally decide which device is better, the phone or the DSLR.

All Photography Educators Should Have as Much Fun as These Guys

Geraint and Rob are old friends out to have fun with their photography. They are both accomplished photographers and, most importantly, have a lot of fun taking pictures. The genuine joy they find in the creative process is evident and makes this video is worth watching.

The 5 Worst Portrait Posing Techniques

When it comes to portrait posing, there are some great poses, some not great poses, and then, there are those poses that are so egregious that they should be avoided at all costs.

Are You a ‘Fanny Pack Photgrapher'?

Under the category of so-ridiculous-that-I'm-not-sure-it's-real-but-kind-of-a-cool idea is a video that chronicles the life of a "fanny pack photographer."

Canon Users Are Better Photographers

And while we're on the subject of which is better, iPhones are far superior to Android devices, the iPad is objectively the best tablet available, and digital imaging is far superior to analog film in every way imaginable.

5 Reasons I Miss My DSLR: A Rant

Like it or not, mirrorless cameras have overtaken DSLRs as the cameras of choice for most photographers. As the major camera brands transition away from developing new DSLRs and focus on mirrorless technologies, there are still advantages to using a DSLR.

What Every Landscape Photographer Goes Through

Landscape photography is a quirky genre, often requiring long physical treks in the wee hours, all while hoping for the conditions to cooperate and allow you to take the photo you have in mind. If you have been there before, check out this hilarious video that follows a landscape photographer's thought process while deciding whether to head out to shoot or not.

What Clichés About Photographers Are Mostly True?

Every profession and hobby has clichés that lurk around them like an unpleasant smell, and photography is no different. But what clichés about photographers do you believe to be mostly true?

5 Photographic Phenomona You Absolutely Need to Adhere To

As you get better and better at photography, you learn more and more. This has the negative effect that there then exist fewer and fewer new things to learn since you already know most of them. I was surprised to find this video by Alex Kilbee where he shares some lesser-known photographic phenomena.

Three Photographer Challenge: Sony vs Fujifilm vs iPhone

Recently, two photography friends visited the Fstoppers studio on the same day. Of course, this meant I needed to plan a friendly photography competition to see once and for all who is the best photographer in the land! This challenge video comes with lots of twists and turns, but at the core, we ask the question: "can an iPhone beat an expensive $12,000 medium format mirrorless camera?" Today, we find out.

What They Think We Do as Photographers

Chances are, everyone in your circle knows you are a photographer. How many of those people have an understanding of what you actually do on a day-to-day basis? This brief, but funny video by Niels Kemp highlights some of the misconceptions he encounters from the people closest to him.

The Trouble With Comp Stompers and How to Remove Them

There are many times when you have gone to a location to shoot a landscape and you have not been the only one there. That is fine as everyone is entitled to be there. Every now and again however you have the type of photographer who thinks that they are entitled and who blatantly either stands right next to you to get the same composition without any acknowledgment or a courteous "would you mind if I..."

How to Take Horrible Landscape Photos

You read that title correctly. Tired of your landscape photos looking like every other fantastic photographer's shots? Maybe you should be taking things in the other direction. If you need a laugh (and some good education), check out this great video that will show you how to take just awful landscape photos.

5 Weird Things Boudoir Photographers Do

Every genre of photography has quirks that the photographer gradually adopts as normal. This is one boudoir photographer's weird habits and although some of them are specific, there is a lot of crossover with other genres in places.