Help a Fellow Photographer Get Back on His Feet

Help a Fellow Photographer Get Back on His Feet

Bryan Bedder is a freelance celebrity photographer based in NYC. This week Bryan was hired to shoot few key events during Art Basel in Miami, which ended yesterday. Three days ago, while on a break from assignments, Bryan had a horrible accident: while at the beach, he dove into a sand bar which caused his C5 vertebrae to fracture and slip, which pinched his spinal cord. Bryan is now in ICU, totally immobile, far from home and really needs your help

Bryan shoots for Getty Images for many years, and photographs entertainment events and well-known people on daily basis. People like Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi and Beyonce are just a few of the people he has shot recently. He is one of the hardest working people in this industry and is one of the nicest people around. Bryan lives in New York with his wife and young daughter, but his unfortunate accident happened far away from home -  in Miami, where he will have to stay for unknown amount of time. 

There is still no clear understanding yet on what the future holds for Bryan and if he would be able to move again - and if so - if he would be able to go back and do the job he did for so many years. He went through one surgery already, and more may be needed soon. We all know how hard it is to be sick as a freelancer. Even a week or two without being able to work can greatly affect the business and life. This is why we as a community need to come together and help him and his family during these hard times. A fundraiser was created in order to help them go through the rough time of  treatments and rehab without being able to work, and any donation can help


On December 4, our dear friend and fellow surfer Bryan Bedder dove into a sandbar in South Beach, while on a break between job assignments.  His C5 vertebrae fractured and slipped, pinching his spinal cord, which rendered him totally immobile.  He remembers being able to manage a second breath before blacking out face down in the water.  Perfect strangers walking by, heroically ran in and pulled him to safety.  

Bryan has been in surgery with renowned surgeon Dr. Levy at Ryder Trauma Center.  Whether some level of paralysis remains or he makes a full recovery, seems to be in the hands of fate.  Whatever the outcome, this process will decidedly be slow and arduous. Unfortunately, this also means that his family will need to confront some unexpected financial obligations during the holidays and beyond


In addition to the financial aspect, Bryan's wife Shawnelle is also asking for help with few other things. If you happen to know the answer to any of these questions or have a way to help, feel free to leave a comment with the info or provide an email where she can contact you directly. 

1. Any info on how to go about initiating SS/Disability benefits for Bryan?
2. Donated Housing from any friends or friends of friends or great Airbnb or other-house rental for Miami. The latter-2 bedroom for under 1500/month, near Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.
3. Recommendations for the best Physical & Occupational spinal cord rehab in NY & Private Healthcare that will provide the best coverage for these therapies.


In the past few years, since the launch of Fstoppers, we were able to greatly help some photographers in need, and now is the time to help another one. Let's show Bryan and his family they are not alone in this. You can read more about the accident and get updates on the donation page. 



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Holly sh*t man... =/ this is sad....very sad!!

Donated what I can, hope it's a fast recovery!

I find it really sad how sandbars suddenly pop up while you dive into safe waters.

Sad to hear, I hope he recovers fully! Question though (to US citizens) what about insurance?
Health / work insurance, is that not covering this? Just a question ..