Help a Fellow Photographer Get a New Wheelchair

Jaleel King is a great wedding and fashion photographer from Philadelphia, but other than being very talented, he's also a very special and strong person. When Jaleel was 8 years old, his neighbor shot him with a shotgun and left him paralyzed from his waist down. Since that incident Jaleel have to use a wheelchair to move around. His current wheelchair is 6 years old and breaking apart, but insurance companies deny any of his requests for a new and safer wheelchair. This is where the photography community comes in - let's help Jaleel get a new wheelchair today!

Here at Fstoppers we always like to help fellow photographers in need, and feel it's more important than posting another editing technique or cool photos taken from a kite. Let's prove once again how awesome of a community we are.

To donate to the cause and help Jaleel get his new wheelchair, click here. Any amount can help. The wheelchair cost between $5,000 and $7,000, but Jaleel promises that if the donations will exceed this amount, he will give the money to other paralyzed people in need of new wheelchair.

To learn more about Jaleel King and about what happened to him when he was 8, watch this very touching video:


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Jaleel has a very inspiring story.

I just wanted to say thank you to FStoppers and everyone who are actively helping with this process! I look forward to passing this forward!

This shouldn't take very long with this group. I'll definitely pitch in.

American health care makes me sick. They'd rather spend billions and trillion on military operations and paranoia rather than take care of their citizens. By no means is Canada flawless but at least we have health care. Rant over, Imma go contribute to this cause.


Love your work Jay..donation sent

Let's get him some bionic leg assists!

Great story but there's a typo in the first graph "Since that incident Jaleel has to use a wheelchair to move around."