Famous Album Covers Came to Life in This Creative Music Video - Find Out How it Was Done

"Mayokero" may be the best music video that came out in 2014, yet you probably never heard of it before. In the video, famous vinyl album covers come to life and they all lip-sync to Roy Kafri's singing. Michael Jackson, Abba, Madonna, The Beatles, Elton John and Bob Dylan are only few of the "collaborators" in the video. Check out the BTS video below and also the amazing final result.

Director/filmmaker Vania Heymann and comedian/musician/filmmaker/actor Roy Kafri are two of the youngest, yet most popular video-makers in Israel the past few years. They collaborated on many different personal projects, which later lead to a lot of big commercial projects such as a campaign for Pepsi and a music video for Bob Dylan.

For his new single, Roy unsurprisingly decided to collaborate with Vania, which came up with this creative idea. To make it happen, they got friends and family members to act as the mouth of famous musicians - and later these videos were masked-in in post-processing.

Check out behind the scenes of the filming and post-processing for "Mayokero":

FS: How you came up with this idea? was it something you thought of doing for a long time, or something that came up specifically for this project?

VH: "I came up with the idea sometime last year and I really liked Roy's song so I asked him if I can make a music video for it. His song was my best option for this idea not only because It is divided into "chapters" that work well for the story I wanted to tell, but also because there are no lyrics to song so I don't put words in other people's mouths (especially the dead ones!) and I could make my favorite music icons beatbox all together."

FS: What programs did you use to create this video?

VH: "I used Adobe Premiere for editing and Adobe After Effects for compositing along side with Mocha (for After Effects) for tracking."

FS: How long did it take you to shoot and edit it?

VH: "It took about six months of shooting on and off, with some long breaks here and there. Once in a while a friend would come by my house and we would film him "lip-boxing" on a small green screen and do the effect on the spot, that way when we shot the live action part I already had most of the album ready for compositing."

To see more of Vania Heymann's work, check out his website. and to hear more of Roy Kafri's music check out his Bandcamp page.


Video credits:

Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Editing, and VFX: Vania Heymann.
Music by Roy Kafri.
Producing, Co­-writing and other stuff: Natan Schottenfels
Color: Tal Baltuch
Animation: Yoav Shtibelman
Wardrobe: Mayan Toledano

Actors: Patrick Griffith, Martin Pfefferkorn
Faces: Ben Bocker, Maya Ish Shalom, Gal Muggia, Anaelle Heymann, Yael Friedlander, Daniel Koren, Tom Metcalfe, Anisia Affek, Mark Coates, Yoav L. Wazana, Dan Farkas, Yinka Parris, Si Koroma, Alma Beck and Lazar Farkas the cat

Music Credits:
Composed by Roy Kafri
All Vocals by Roy Kafri
Mixed by Ori Shochat

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This concept is awesome! well done!


This is so cool. Great job.