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Charles Brooks: Architecture in Music Interview

Jumping back to an article I just wrote on how to speed up your career by 10 years, We Eat Together suggested “finding your passion and photographing the hell out of it.” That is what exactly New Zealand-based photographer Charles Brooks did in his recent photo series, Architecture in Music.

A One-Stop Audio Solution for (Most) Creators

No video is complete without a soundtrack. Excellent sound and SFX can make or break your production, which is why it is so important to get it right. If you’re looking for a royalty-free platform that offers a one-stop solution for audio, look no further than Artlist.

How to Use Speedlights for Music Photography

Photographing live music is a difficult but rewarding genre and can require a masterful understanding of settings to get the best images. If you can use speedlights, however, you not only gain more control over the results, but it allows for greater creativity too.

Dynascore Creates Custom Royalty-Free Music for Your Videos

Imagine an application that can write music for your video with only some hints from you about the style of music and the length of the video. Imagine an app that will write music that fits with your dissolves or add a punchy note wherever you like for emphasis.

Inspiration: Conversations With Mick Rock and Fin DAC

One of them spent decades making decisions with the intention of fitting into community norms, creating stability. The other threw caution to the wind and jumped into a world of creativity with both feet before really understanding what life and responsibility were all about. Both Fin DAC and Mick Rock have ended up in the same place, near the top of their chosen artistic fields — inspirations for anyone following in their footsteps. What's even better, they're collaborating on a new show.

How Social Media Will Kill the Underground

It has almost become a truism: social media creates mediocrity. In an effort to gain a share of the social media pie, artists are rewarded for blending in, not standing out.

Creator or Destroyer: Photography, Drugs, and Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction often go hand in hand with art. Painting has Van Gogh and Pollock, poetry has Coleridge and Ginsburg, music has The Beatles and Jim Morrison, and novels have Burroughs and Welsh. I was, however, surprised by how little information I could find about photographers’ substance abuse. Where are the in-depth books about photographers that were inspired or crushed by their addictions?

Care to Share Which Non-Photographers Influence and Inspire You?

I get it. Ansel Adams inspires you. Perhaps Bresson, and maybe Gursky too. But there's another world of creative geniuses outside the realms of photography where you can draw creative ideas and energy from. Here are two people that influence me.

What Makes Music Creepy: More Music Theory for Filmmakers

Do you ever find yourself having an emotional reaction to a movie and you're not quite sure why? If you're making movies, you need to spend time being intentional with the music you select. It's too powerful a tool to leave in the drawer.

A Bit of Music Theory for Filmmakers

Do you love movie soundtracks? Do you know why you like the soundtracks that you do? Do you ever struggle to add music to your films that has meaning to the themes and stories of the production?

Taking Your Photography to the Next Level

I recall reading an interview years ago in which Steve McCurry — a master at assembling powerfully wrought imagery — claimed not to think about composition. I was dumbfounded, even more so when I realized he was telling the truth.

Profoto's Connect: Easy Function / Relaxed Style

Take a quick moment to watch Profoto’s latest clip showing off their wireless flash trigger, Connect, used by Hélène Pambrun. When you’re done, give Profoto’s accompanying story a read.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Tells Fan to Put Their Phone Away and 'F***ing Watch the Show'

The topic of phones at concerts has become quite contentious in the last few years, with some artists even going so far as to ban phones at their shows and eject attendees who violate the rule. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is the latest to voice his opinion on the matter, telling a fan to put their phone away and "watch the f***ing show."

Time Management in Video Editing

Any video editing task depends on what type of video it is (documentary, music video, industrial/business, TV show), what style will be used, will it include extensive animation/effects/titles, and so on. The ultimate sacrifice one has to make as a video editor is time.

Official Old Town Road Music Video Does Not Disappoint

I grew up on MTV and can remember the excitement surrounding newly premiered videos from bands I liked. Now, the place to see the new videos is YouTube, and the latest video of the hit song "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus is a wonderful mix of cinema and culture.

Three Concert Photography Tips

Have you always wanted to photograph live concerts, but are anxious about how to start? Were you recently hired for your first concert photography gig, but don't still looking for more ideas on how to capture great moments of the show? Well look no further, and keep reading.

Find the Right Music for Your Wedding Slideshows and Films With Musicbed!

Are you a wedding photographer or videographer who's always on the lookout for licensed music for your slideshows or films? Are you struggling to find a good quality soundtrack that suits your vision? Check out Musicbed, and enjoy the first month free on their platform!

Country Music Trends, Photography, and Modern Sameness

Do you like country music (or music in general for that matter)? Hey, me too and here's a video that I think raises interesting questions and may serve as a great thought exercise regarding modern media trends and the problems of sameness.

Use Artlist to Improve Your Work With Better Music

As someone who produces videos for YouTube, one of the things I've struggled with is the music. Buying individual songs from people to use in projects can be very costly and impractical. Fortunately, platforms like make it extremely easy to find the right piece.

It’s UltraWide Time!

For all you creators out there! LG understands there’s more to the final output. There’s also the “process.” All the hours spent working, toiling, creating, that no one ever sees. The endless brain-strain and ideating a creator dedicates to their goal is what makes up their UltraWide Time. Few will ever see or understand the process, where all the work and magic happen. But LG understands.

Tips for Adding Music to Films in Video Editing

Using music in your films is one of the best ways to drive emotion, connect to the audience, and elevate the video. If the visuals and the music are out of sync, however, disaster can happen. Here are a few tips for editing music to videos from a seasoned professional.

Can You Make Money Shooting Concert Photography?

Go to any live music event and if the crowd is big enough, there will be photographers snapping away for the first three songs. Concert photography is a blast, but does that blast produce bucks?

The Perils of NOT Using Royalty Free Music

So, you’ve been told time and time again that royalty free music is the way to go when it comes to selecting beats for your videos. But part of you can’t help but wonder about the alternatives.

Cruise to the Bahamas With Concert Photographer David Bergman

Concert photography is probably one of the most appealing genres to shoot for any photographer. When I first picked up a camera, the only thing I wanted to photograph was my favorite bands as they played live. Our good friend and Canon Explorer of Light ambassador David Bergman is launching a pretty unique live workshop called Shoot From the Pit that will not only let you work side by side with David himself but also shoot a variety of artists as they perform live.

How to Reach Your Photography Goals in Your Twenties

The art and business of photography has had no trouble in inspiring millennials into finding a path to success within the field. Twenty-somethings have embraced the use of new technologies in their workflow, marketing, and creativity, but there is one lesson on reaching your goals that has not changed since the dawn of commercial photography.

Concert Photographers Offended By The Killers' Contradictory Rules for Shooting Live Gigs

The Killers – who were headlining the event that earlier in the night saw Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme kick a photographer in the face – made an on-stage pledge to say photographers were "welcome" and "respected." But one of the band's own rules for live gigs contradicts this very statement, and many live music photographers are not happy.

Why Music Matters and Tips to Picking It

Picking the right music for your next video project can elevate your final cut or destroy it. The soundtrack is the beating heart of any video project, and you can direct your viewer toward an emotion or message based on your selection. Here are some tips to choosing the right music.

Five Tips to Find Music for Your Wedding Video

You’ve just finished shooting a beautiful wedding video and your edits are being finalized. But wait — you still need to find the music to go behind each scene. Use these five insightful tips to find the perfect music that will enhance your next wedding video.

Creative Inspiration: Five New Music Videos You Should Watch Right Now

While Taylor Swift’s gorgeous looking revenge-fest music video to “Look What You Made Me Do” continues to break streaming records across the Internet, I’d like to shine a light on some of the lesser-known music videos that have stood out over the last few months that don’t demand the eye watering budget of a Swifty vid.