Shutterstock Announces Unlimited Music Subscription and New Features

Shutterstock Announces Unlimited Music Subscription and New Features

Shutterstock, who are already providing content creators with royalty-free music, are announcing an unlimited music subscription and a few other new features to make it easier for creators to find the right type of music for their project.

Finding and licensing music tracks for different types of projects is not easy. Both photographers and videographers may be seeking music for marketing on social media or to overlay a presentation or a slideshow, and of course to go with videos, such as wedding films, tutorials, travel clips, and more. Shutterstock, who have already had a music library and offered license pricing based on one project at a time. To allow creators to focus more on the creative part of the process, Shutterstock are announcing their unlimited music subscription which is available for $149 per month.

Shutterstock Music library contains over 11,000 available tracks curated by professional musicians, and allows users to filter their search. For example, you can search music by genre, mood, popularity, and more. Fresh new tracks are added every month and Shutterstock Music also curate playlists of popular genres and regions. The music downloaded from the site is royalty-free and comes with a standard license which covers web-based and business usage.

Furthermore, Shutterstock Music now offer audio tracks suited for short-form content. These come as shorts and shortened versions of a song, such as 15, 30, and 60 seconds long audio clips, as well as loops and segments of a longer song that repeats indefinitely. All of these are available with every license at no additional cost, aimed at saving users time on editing the tracks after purchasing them. 

If you want to check which license would be right for you, head on over to Shutterstock Music website.

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