Time Management in Video Editing

Any video editing task depends on what type of video it is (documentary, music video, industrial/business, TV show), what style will be used, will it include extensive animation/effects/titles, and so on. The ultimate sacrifice one has to make as a video editor is time.

Then there's reviewing the footage (looking at all the shots to choose which ones you will use), color correction, and any modifications you may want to make such as speed changes, re-framing by zooming in or out, moving left, right, up, down. There are a lot of hours spent behind the desk, on the computer, in bringing out the vision behind the video. The amount of time video editors spend on searching for music and sounds is also massive, especially if it involves a lot of sound effects. Getting the footage into the computer, selecting the shots, deciding on the kind of transitions to use, selecting music, editing audio, etc. would all be time in addition to assembling the piece in the timeline. The distractions that we have while editing like our mobile phones to the the time we waste in re watching the videos in the timeline over and over again also add to the already time consuming process of video editing. 

In a video posted by Matti Haapoja, he takes us through few key things that would speed up the editing workflow and shows us his workflow so we could understand how me makes his edits faster for his style of work. 

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Tip #1 That video is worthless.
Tip #2 Distractions happen in the real world at work. Get used to it.
Tip #3 Organization is the most important thing you can do to speed up your work flow. If you're not organized, you're going to be slow, period. Create a folder/bin structure in your Project window that is the same on every project so you get used to organizing things consistently.
Tip #4 Once you get all your assets in your project and the project is organized so you can find your audio files, your graphics, photos and all the different scenes in their respective bins, create a fast and loose rough cut.
Tip #5 Get the rough cut laid out from beginning to end. As I like to say, get your meat and potatoes on the plate so if something goes wrong, you at least have the story laid out.
Tip #6 Learn and use as many keyboard shortcuts as you can. Be diligent about learning them and adding more to your workflow. It will speed things up exponentially.
Tip #7 Do all you effects, color grading, transitions and such at the end of the process. Those take a long time and will eat up all your editing time if you don't push them back to the end. Then you can use whatever time you have left polishing those effects, color grading and graphics.
Tip #8 Make sure your settings for your software and computer are not slowing your system down. Writing all your Cache file to your C Drive will cause a system crash and that won't save you any time at all!
Tip #9 Take regular breaks. Nothing will burn you out faster than all work and no play.
Tip #10 Have fun! If it's not fun, take more breaks.

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Also he has an editor do his editing for him, and takes his editor 2 days to edit each episode so.......all of this garbage.

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Bringing the video into the machine, choosing the shots, determining which sort of transitions to use, selecting music, editing audio, etc. would all be time-consuming as well as arranging the piece in the timeline.


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Any task of video editing depends on what type of video it is (documentary, music video, industrial / business, TV show), which style it will use, which will include extensive animation/effects/titles, etc. As a video editor, the ultimate sacrifice one has to make is time.


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