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Time-Saving Editing Techniques for Premiere Pro Users

Editing videos can be a meticulous task, whether you're looking to polish your footage to a professional standard or simply trying to save time and ensure a smooth workflow. The importance of optimal settings and effective editing techniques is undeniable when it comes to producing high-quality content without investing inordinate amounts of time.

Save 95% and get $3,700+ in Video Products

Fstoppers has partnered with 5DayDeal to offer the best video bundle deal of 2024. Included are education, software, and tools from a wide of variety leaders in the industry that will help take your work to the next level. The product list is incredible this year.

15 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Color Grading Process in Davinci Resolve

For years, I have heard good things about Davinci Resolve as a powerful industry-standard video editing software. Despite all the positive things I have heard, I was reluctant to make the shift from Adobe Premiere Pro, fearing the entire process of relearning new software from scratch. However, motivated by the frustration of frequent crashes, I have finally made the call for the long-needed switchover.

How Do the Top Free Video Editors Stack Up?

The battle in the video editing world has historically been between Apple's Final Cut Pro X and Adobe's Premiere. The two companies have leapfrogged each other for years when it comes to the war for video editors' hearts. But in 2024, there are a lot more wallet-friendly (read: free) options out there, and two of those duking it out right now are CapCut and DaVinci Resolve. But which one is worth giving a shot?

All Apple Everything: Shooting and Editing Video with Full Apple Workflow

As an experienced photographer, I have spent a career focusing on mostly still images, not paying much attention to video. With the help of the Apple ecosystem, I have found an accessible way to say yes to the question, "Do you shoot video?". This article discusses the quality and convenience of an all-Apple workflow, which begins with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

5 Easy and Popular Wedding Video Effects

Wedding videography is a fun and challenging genre that will keep you on your toes and give you an opportunity to capture one of the happiest day's of a couple's lives. And while the footage you capture is obviously important, what you do with it in post-processing is just as important. This helpful video tutorial will show you five easy and effective effects you can apply to your footage to make your final product more compelling and exciting.

20 Secret Features in Adobe Premiere Pro

If you edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, you likely already know how seemingly endless the software is, even if you've been using it for years. So, whether you're a newbie or a veteran, here are 20 features you may not know about.
Buying Versus Building a New Editing Computer

Getting a new editing computer can be a confusing process. How do you know when to upgrade? What kind of computer do you get for different kinds of editing? Do you build one or buy one? Well, I hope to answer those questions here in this article in a way that will match your specific situation.

Picking 360 Video Editing Software in 2023

It's still a bit of the wild west for 360 video editors in 2023, but that said, many of the major brands and smaller competitors have made great strides in catching up with their software to cater to this specific niche. If that's you, you'll want to read about these four video editing tools.

Filmora's Unique Approach to Understanding the Creator Community and Empowering Them With AI Solutions

Filmora, a leading video editing software, took a distinctive approach to connect with the creators' community attending VidCon 2023 in Anaheim, CA. At this event, Filmora sponsored a creator session featuring popular YouTubers creators NichLmao and Jensen Tung where they delved into the exciting possibilities of AI in video creation, empowering creators to enhance their creativity and productivity.

How to Get the Film Look With Digital Footage

If you're creating digital videos and you want them to have more of the look you would associate with film, then this video might be perfect for you. Film Riot breaks down the differences and how to mimic film with digital files.
Matte Painting for a New Generation of Filmmakers

Today, video content creation has become more accessible than ever. YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and Instagram Reels mean everyone is creating video content. With the rapid advancements in technology, creators have the power to make videos anywhere and inexpensively thanks to AI and, in particular, Generative Fill AI.
Using Adobe Photoshop's Generative Fill on Video

Adobe Photoshop's generative fill allows AI to recreate or remove parts of an image, blowing many minds in the process. Now, what if you could use this new tool on your videos? Well, it's possible, and here's how.
How to Capture Surreal-Looking Footage

It feels as if some videographers seem to just be able to capture surreal-looking footage consistently, while the majority of people only manage it on rare occasions. Well, one of those consistent creators of the surreal and the beautiful, Aidin Robbins, discusses how he manages it.
Making a Slideshow in Adobe Premiere Pro in Six Easy Steps

If you are using Lightroom Classic for your photo editing, you have the possibility to use the presentation module. This module makes it easy to create a slideshow and export it as a video file. Try Premiere Pro if you want to take your slide shows to the next level.

How to Recreate 'The Last of Us' Color Grade

The Last of Us has been a tremendous hit, initially as a game, and now as a TV show. The cinematography has appealed to many, but so too has the post-production. In this video, find out how to replicate the sort of color grade you can see in the viral series.
How to Make Yourself Look Better on Zoom Calls

If you've ever looked at your face on a Zoom call and wondered why you look so bad, you're not alone. Here, we look at how to add color corrections and pop to your face so you look so much better on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and more.

Comparing High-end Video Monitors

Samuel Bilodeau compares some of the best monitors on the market to see how they stack up. Are the prices worth it?

5 AI Tools You Can Use for Video Editing

The rise of AI has been slow and steady, but if you haven't been watching, it might seem rather sudden. Nevertheless, it extends far beyond ChatGPT and rather than fear it or scoff at it, here are some ways you can harness its power for your own ends.
How Well Does the M2 Pro Mac mini Handle Video?

I'm not a novice to the world of computer hardware. I've been building my own Intel-based PCs for the better part of 25 years, but the new world order of Apple Silicon has turned conventional wisdom on its head for those looking to buy a machine for multimedia work.

3 Surprisingly Good Default Mac Apps to Make Engaging Videos

If you've wanted to try your hand at creating videos, but have dreaded tackling the daunting interfaces of professional editing tools like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro, here's some good news for you. The tools that you already have on your Mac are probably good enough to help you get started on a YouTube or video production career. It turns out that you don't always need to use professional tools to make good videos.

5 Free and Useful Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro

Who doesn't love free stuff!? Video editing is a complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive task, so anything you can do to make the process easier and more streamlined is a major plus. This fantastic video will show you five plugins that do just that, and the best part is that they are all free!

How to Edit Video on a Slow Laptop

Beginning your video editing journey can be painful on a slow machine. I’ll explain a few tweaks that might help smooth out the experience.

How to Film and Edit a Vlog Quickly

Many thought vlogging would be a brief trend, but it's safe to say that was not an accurate prediction. Many content creators weave in vlogs as a way of engaging their audience further and more regularly. However, shooting and editing vlogs can be highly time-consuming unless you know what you're doing.

How to Make Money From Other People's Content For Free

The title of this article could be described as clickbait; however, it is factually correct. I will be discussing how you can legally make money from other people's content in this article.

Our Long-term Review of the Dell XPS 9510 Laptop for Creatives

It's been nine months since I started to live a nomadic life and do full-time travel and photography. To stay productive on the road, I had to exchange my old and trusty desktop PC for a portable solution. I'm a Windows user and decided to go with the Dell XPS 9510. In this article, I explain why and share how it held up over the past months.

How to Get Better Low-light 360 Video

Shooting 360 video in low-light has never been easy, but larger sensors that are popping up in cameras like the Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition Camera are increasing possibilities for night shooting. Here are a few tips to make the most of whatever 360 camera you've got for low light.

Which Is Best, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut?

I subscribe to Premiere Pro and own Final Cut X and Da Vinci Resolve. I’ve been weighing up which one to focus on in order to become a better editor and video professional. I’ve considered the ease of use when editing and exporting, the support and community of each, and the market demand.

The Tools I Use to Work With LUTs

While bringing color to your images is best done manually, LUTs accelerate things. Here’s how I customize LUTs to get the best of both worlds in a pinch.

What Proxy Files Are and Why You Should Be Using Them to Edit Video

While there are definitely some similarities, editing video takes some special considerations and adjustments to your workflow that are not necessary when working with photos. A lot of the focus is on efficiency and managing resources effectively, and one of the most powerful tools for achieving that is proxy files. This excellent video tutorial will introduce you to proxy files and show you how to use them when editing your videos in Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro Has Some Good New Updates

Adobe is really trying to make editing videos on small screens a more enjoyable process. They've looked at ways to give us more screen real estate. They've combined some tabs and made switching between workspaces much easier. It's even possible to do everything you need to in one workspace, and the workspace can be customized and saved as usual.

Five Common Video Editing Mistakes

Creating a compelling, professional video is just as much in the editing as it is in the shooting process. Editing is a serious undertaking, and as such, it can be easy for things to go wrong. This great video tutorial details five common mistakes creatives make when editing video and what you can do to fix them or avoid them in the first place.

5 Tips to Help You Save Time in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an impressively powerful video-editing program, but with all that power comes the need for a lot of effort and investment of time to get the results you want. As such, finding any little spot you can to increase your efficiency can add up to big gains in the long run. This excellent video tutorial will show you five tips that will help you save time when working in Premiere Pro.

Shooting Natural Light Video Portraits

For several years now, many of us have used Instagram as our primary outlet for sharing and viewing images. However, Instagram has made it clear that the platform is shifting its focus to video. If you haven’t been practicing capturing portraits on video, now might be a good time to start learning how to do so.

Premiere User Tries Color Grading in Final Cut Pro

A couple of months ago, I tried Final Cut Pro for the first time. Surprisingly, there were many things I liked about Final Cut, but it wasn't enough to convince me to switch from Premiere. Today, I'm giving Final Cut Pro another try.